After Oprah Winfrey Tries To Take Trump’s Job, He Only Needs 4 Words To Bury Her


At the 75th Annual Golden Globes on Sunday night, Oprah Winfrey received the Cecil B. de Mille Lifetime Achievement Award. Her acceptance speech was the highlight of the evening, even causing many on the left to call for the daytime television host to run for president in 2020. However, after Oprah started positioning herself to take President Donald Trump’s job, he completely buried her with just four words.

President Donald Trump (left), Daytime television host Oprah Winfrey accepts the Cecil B. de Mille Lifetime Achievement Award at the 75th Annual Golden Globes (right) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture via KHQ)

Naturally, liberal reporters made it a point to ask President Trump on Tuesday what he thinks about running against Oprah Winfrey in 2020. Of course, there was much more important news to cover, like the Republican-sponsored tax reform bill which has already resulted in substantial bonuses for many Americans, the protests taking place in the Middle East against the oppressive Iranian regime, and the unfolding situation in Korea ahead of the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Reporters could not be bothered to cover any of these pressing news stories, though, because the liberal mainstream media only had one thing on the brain after Sunday night’s Golden Globes: A Democratic presidential ticket featuring talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Thankfully, President Trump quickly shut this nonsense down. When he was asked by one pathetic excuse for a journalist if he could “beat Oprah,” the president didn’t even bat an eye. “Yeah, I’ll beat Oprah,” Trump responded confidently.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he believes he would defeat Oprah Winfrey in a potential 2020 presidential election, but doesn’t believe she’ll run.

Trump took a few questions after a meeting with top Democrats and Republicans on a potential immigration deal on border security and DACA.

As he wrapped up the event, a reporter asked “can you you beat Oprah?”

“Yeah, I’ll beat Oprah,” he answered. [Source: Fox News]

Indeed, Donald Trump has absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to securing the presidency once again in 2020. If he did, the left wouldn’t be desperately pushing the Oprah idea when she has said many times that she has no intention of running.

Democrats know that they don’t have anyone capable of beating Trump as it stands right now. Kamala Harris, Liz Warren, or some other coastal elite isn’t going to move the needle for them in places like Michigan and Ohio especially when you consider the fact the economy is booming and Americans will be getting major tax relief. Those are winning issues. Transgender bathrooms and Russia conspiracies aren’t.

If Democrats were confident they had a shot in 2020 they likely wouldn’t be fawning over Oprah the way they are. She’s someone with no political backbone and she has said that she isn’t running. And yet, the liberal left is desperately pushing the idea that she’s going to run and the reaction to her recent Golden Globes speech has been simply hysterical. [Source: Digital Politics Daily]

Am I the only one who feels like they’re taking crazy pills? What we have here is a television personality who squeezed herself into an expensive black dress, received a “lifetime achievement award” for doing little more than standing in front of a camera, then gave a prepared acceptance speech to a roomful of her adoring colleagues.

None of this is exceptional. In fact, it’s all entirely ordinary. Celebrities have been gathering to give each other undeserved awards for decades. Never before has it culminated in calls for one of them to run the free world.

This Oprah Winfrey nonsense will blow over, and when it does, we will be right back where we started. President Donald Trump will still be making strides for the American people, and Hollywood will still be whining about it.

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