Amateur MMA Fights Gets Hit So Hard He Turns Into A Zombie!


You’ve probably seen Chan Sung Jung, aka ‘The Korean Zombie’ but did you know there’s now a Missouri Zombie?

Amateur fighter Steve Mutzu earned himself that moniker last weekend when he took on Jason Stevenson in a featherweight bout at Shamrock FC 305 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The fight was barely underway when Mutzu – advancing forward with his chin up, hands down, and no head movement – took a heavy shot to the temple that froze him.

Amazingly, despite the fact that he was completely out, The Missouri Zombie somehow managed to stay standing.

Equally amazingly, the referee appeared not to notice that one of the two fighters he was charged with protecting was in another realm.

Stevenson sensed his opportunity and rushed in with a flurry of punches although, to be honest, he could have simply pushed Mutzu over and he would have come crashing down like a great Redwood.

Due to the ref’s slowness to act, Mutzu probably took a couple more shots than he needed to but, to be fair, it’s not every day that you see a dude support his own body weight while he’s unconscious!

The fight was officially called a knockout win for Stevenson after ten seconds of action but in reality, this one was over in six.



Stevenson also showed what hard work and persistence can achieve; after losing his first five amateur bouts, he scored a win in 2015.

He has been on something of a tear lately, winning four of his last five fights (including this one), taking his record to 4-6.

Stevenson has also shown that he learns from his mistakes; of his first five losses, four came by way of submission (three armbars and a triangle choke).

Not only has he not been submitted since then, Stevenson has even recorded a couple of armbar victories himself!

No one is saying he’s ever going to make it on the professional circuit but Stevenson certainly embodies the spirit of MMA.

Also, considering his size – he usually fights at flyweight and has even fought at strawweight – the dude hits like a bloody freight train!

As for The Missouri Zombie, this was only his second amateur fight and his record now stands at 1-1 so he can definitely improve.

The other zombie…

He just needs to learn the basics of defense otherwise he might end up as an extra on The Walking Dead…



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