Anti-Trump Liberals Prove Just How Pathetic They Are With Latest Christmas Tree Topper


Since President Donald Trump’s election, liberals have been captured screaming at the sky, dressing like female genitalia, and embarking on useless marches in futile attempts to stop him. However, what they’re placing atop their Christmas trees this year shows they’ve reached a pathetic all-time low.

Anti-Trump Liberals Prove Just How Pathetic They Are With Latest Christmas Tree Topper
Liberals have stooped to a new low with their latest anti-Trump Christmas tree topper. (Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/DVIDS, Women To Look Up To, Screenshot/YouTube)

With each new policy Trump implements, liberals respond with infantile meltdowns, aggressive fascist-style revolts, and vulgar demonstrations that typically feature some exposed body part Americans would rather not see. Despite over a year passing since Trump’s election, the left simply cannot seem to grasp the reality that he’s officially the Commander-In-Chief.

In fact, many liberals are so distraught and unhinged at the mere thought of Trump as president that they choose to live in a disturbing fantasy world in which Hillary Clinton won the election instead. In an effort to portray this nauseating socialistic utopia, liberal feminists have created the perfect Christmas decoration for any hardcore leftist’s Christmas tree.

In a pathetic move that showcases just how disturbingly obsessed liberals are with rejecting Trump’s presidency, a website has created a “Hillary Clinton Angel” tree topper to replace the traditional Star of Bethlehem. The flagrantly sacrilegious decoration is the perfect gift for any “I’m with her” voter who simply can’t get over Hillary’s devastating 2016 defeat.

“The most presidential of tree toppers. 3D sculpted in her iconic power suit with angelic wings,” the website’s description reads. “She’s the First Lady of Christmas Tree Decorations.”

Although they don’t have to pay for Hillary’s tax hikes, the website ensures that they shell out their “fair share,” scalping gullible fans at $140 just to have Big Brother Clinton constantly watching from atop their majestic pines. Although it’s unlikely that a penny of the proceeds actually goes to the queen of Benghazi, it’s safe to say that she hasn’t run through the millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation divested from the poor Haitians.

Anti-Trump Liberals Prove Just How Pathetic They Are With Latest Christmas Tree Topper
Shoppers can shell out $140 for a “Hillary Clinton Angel” tree topper or opt for a $14 pack of cards featuring a less-masculine version of Michelle Obama. (Photo Credit: Women To Look Up To)

Along with the disgraced former U.S. Secretary of State, dedicated socialists can purchase a $14 collection of custom-made Christmas cards which depict the creator’s sad attempt at photoshopping a younger and less masculine version of Michelle Obama’s face over a professional artist’s priceless artwork.

Expectedly, conservative viewers had a field day with the fanatical liberal decor, relentlessly mocking the comedic fodder the unnamed creator provided. “Talk about screwing up a Christmas tree. Who in their right mind would put a demon on top of a tree?” one social media user rhetorically asked, while another pointed out, “Lucifer also was an angel, until he fell.”

Yet another added, “A liberal leftist anti-American communist Democrat, everyone else is smarter than that, and not nearly as sacrilegious.”

Still, others expressed their dissatisfaction with her unrealistic likeness, asking why she is depicted slimmer and younger than she really is. To the website’s credit, the maker at least nailed the portrayal of one of Hillary’s multi-thousand-dollar pantsuits.

Boasting their depravity, Pop Sugar held nothing back in its gushy review of the incredibly expensive novelty item, admitting that there was some “hyperventilating” involved upon discovering the unconventional toppers, which includes Trump-haters Beyoncé and Serena Williams.

These symbols of hope, like, actual hope, are the creation of a UK company called Women To Look Up To (which could not be a more perfect name). They are a not-for-profit organisation with any profits reinvested in projects to further female equality (so awesome), and they do international shipping (also, but on a more selfish note, awesome!).

As disturbing as it is to watch liberals swoon over the woman who has a history of abandoning Americans to die in Libya and threatening the sexual assault victims of her serial-rapist husband, we wouldn’t expect any less delusion from the party that continues electing America-hating socialists.

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