As Trumps Lands In Tennessee, What He Sees Across The Runway Leaves His Jaw On The Floor


President Donald Trump headed to Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday to address the 2018 American Farm Bureau Federation convention. When he landed, there was a special surprise waiting for him across the runway. As soon as Trump saw it, his jaw hit the floor.

President Donald Trump waves to the crowd after landing in Tennessee on Monday, January 8, 2018 (left), Trump greets members of the military at Berry Field Air National Guard Base (right) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

On Monday, Trump traveled to Tennessee to discuss his task force’s recommendations on improved rural internet access, career development training, and affordable housing and medical services. His journey kicked off on a high note as he landed at Berry Field Air National Guard Base, where a crowd of his supporters was waiting for him.

Dozens of service members had braved the stormy weather in hopes that they might get to shake the president’s hand and take a picture with him, and Trump was happy to oblige them.

Right after landing at Berry Field Air National Guard Base, President Trump walked down the stairs of Air Force One and saw something incredible.

There were about 30 military service-members there waiting to take their picture with him and shake his hand.

President Trump saw them and immediately told his security detail that he would be going to shake hands with the group. [Source: US Truth Wire]

Besides the warm greeting that President Donald Trump was offered in Tennessee on Monday, viewers have made another stealthy observation after watching footage of the president disembarking from Air Force One in the rain; namely, that he was carrying his own umbrella, a task which his predecessor relegated to service members.

Trump did eventually hand his umbrella off to a member of his team, but only so that he could shake hands and take pictures with the service members who had gathered, so he needed both of his hands to be free. This is a far cry from the actions of Barack Obama, who wouldn’t even hold his own umbrella when he needed zero hands to be free.

Also on Monday, Trump attended the college football national championship game in Atlanta where he was given a warm welcome, as well, before hitting the field to stand reverently with his hand over his heart for the National Anthem.

President Donald Trump arrived in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday evening to attend the college football national championship game between The University of Georgia and The University of Alabama.

As soon as he got to the field, Trump was received with applause and excitement from fans, but what he did next excited the crowd.

Zac Brown Band stood in the middle of the field to sing the Star Spangled Banner, to which Trump walked right out onto the field and stood with his hand on his heart.

This has emerged as a common theme whenever Donald  Trump is traveling; as soon as he touches down in whatever middle-America town he is visiting, he is greeted by screaming fans who seem willing to endure any weather conditions just for a shot a seeing the president for a moment.

When Trump lands at a military base, the welcome he receives is usually even more enthusiastic, and he always makes time in his schedule to greet the hard-working service members who come out. Indeed, our nation’s military can’t wait to see their Commander-in-Chief and thank him for supporting them, and vice versa.

It’s wonderful to finally have a president who is beloved by the service members who put their lives on the line to keep our country safe and free. Of course, this was not the case when Barack Obama was president, and it’s easy to understand why after watching the cringe-worthy video above.

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