As Wildfires Burn CA Home, Reporter Stunned To See What Firefighters Took From Inside


As wildfires threaten homes in southern California, families have been forced to evacuate. Not only is it for their safety but it is meant to allow the firefighters the chance to do their jobs. However, when one reporter looked at one particular home, he was left stunned to see what firefighters were taking from inside.

As Wildfires Burn CA Home, Reporter Floored To See What Firefighters Took From Inside
Fox News reporter Adam Housley (left), firefighters (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

As families in Ventura, California, were rushed from their homes to avoid harm from the persistent and dangerous wildfires, they knew their lives were potentially about to change forever. Although they were aware of what was happening, they were only able to take so many items with them before they needed to leave for safety. Unfortunately, for many, that meant leaving nearly everything they owned to be ruined by these fires.

As firefighters continued to work long hours in the neighborhood, reporters rushed out to the scene to ensure the surrounding areas received information on the devastating news. However, Adam Housley, a reporter for Fox News, was left stunned by what he and his cameramen captured.

As most of the firemen were working to save the homes and stop the fires, the particular group of firefighters in front of Housley were doing something entirely different. In fact, he watched as they removed belongings from inside the home, including kids’ clothes and Christmas cards. However, one particular item he saw the heroes taking from the home left him utterly floored — the family’s entire Christmas tree.

Since the reporter’s crew caught what was going on, the incident is now gaining attention on social media. The Fox News Facebook post stated, “FIREFIGHTERS SAVE CHRISTMAS: Firefighters pulled a decorated Christmas tree, Christmas cards and armfuls of personal belongings from a California home after the family was forced to evacuate from wildfires.”

Several people expressed in the comments how they felt about the incident. “Just shows you not only do these professionals have the skills to do their jobs, but the hearts of gold to go along with that. God bless all those who suffered loss and bless and protect our brave fire personnel,” one social media user wrote.

Another stated, “God bless our firefighters and first responders for all the help they are giving the innocent people of California. Thank you. Hopefully, thieves will not steal what they saved for that family.” Yet another added, “Wow. I can’t even imagine how scary and devastating that would be. God bless those firefighters for saving all they can for those poor people.” Another even pointed out, “These guys need to recognized for there courageous efforts and effort to collect what they can for the family!”

As we approach the Christmas season, we tend to forget how good we may have it compared to other people. Many of us might be worrying about getting enough presents for our children, while others are stressing about going home for the holidays, which aren’t really serious problems. However, we must all take a moment to remember that there are many more people who are less fortunate than us or are in difficult situations – including these families in California.

These firefighters are heroes. They spend countless hours putting their lives at risk to put out fires, and only because of the kindness in their own hearts, they went above and beyond and help this family keep a few items that would have otherwise been lost in the fires. When they pull up to what’s left of their homes, they will undoubtedly be thankful when they see the pile of items that firefighters had selflessly grabbed before moving on to another home.

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