Bad News For Trump-Hater Kimmel As His Own Video Surfaces After Hollywood Rape Scandal


Days after the Hollywood rape scandal involving Harvey Weinstein broke, it seems that skeletons of other “handsy” celebrities keep coming out of the closet. Jimmy Kimmel, who is a famed hater of President Donald Trump, just got some horrible news as a video from his past just came out – and it certainly doesn’t look good given the current climate.

Bad News For Trump Hater Kimmel As His Own Video Surfaces After Hollywood Rape Scandal
President Donald Trump (left), Jimmy Kimmel (right) (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons, Screenshot/Twitter)

Although it took five staggering days for morally bankrupt politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to speak out against Harvey Weinstein, it seems that everyone has finally teamed up against him – and rightfully so. However, the wave of rape allegations against the man has initiated a slew of more claims against other elites in Hollywood for doing the same or similar.

Most recently, Ben Affleck was caught in the crossfire after groping actress Hilarie Burton’s breasts on an episode of TRL quite a few years ago, as Mail Online reports. Although he quickly apologized, it looks like he’s not alone in his inappropriate behavior.

Although each and every case that comes to light is just as shocking as the last, no one really feels bad for the perverts being outed. Take, for instance, Jimmy Kimmel who most recently joined the ranks of the Hollywood perverse after a video from his past has resurfaced.

According to Mediate, the clip was shared on Twitter by Austen Fletcher and shows the now late-night television host during his time on “The Man Show.” As it turns out, the self-righteous liberal wasn’t always so perfect and actually used his power and influence to get women to fondle him on the streets.

In all, he was seen playing a game with women on the street where they had to guess what’s in his pants by using their hands to grope his crotch. Although what he did wasn’t quite what Weinstein was found to be doing, Kimmel made sure to be just as vulgar while doing it all while excusing it in the name of comedy.

He suggested one woman “use two hands” and jokingly said “maybe it’d be easier if you put your mouth on it.”

Kimmel asked another woman how old she was, which she said 18.

“Are you sure?” Kimmel replied. “Because Uncle Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

When one of his contestants was aggressively feeling around his pants, he told her “You’re gonna make a fine wife.” [Source: Mediaite]

At the end of the bit, Kimmel eventually revealed what he had in his pants — a zucchini with a rubber band wrapped around the end of it. Of course, the liberal host has already been in the spotlight recently as he uses his show to bash President Trump every chance he can. Touching on things like Obamacare and gun control, it’s safe to say the man made it very apparent that he thinks he knows what’s best for the country. Too bad for him, all that additional attention just came back to bite him in the butt big time.

Actions have consequences and our wrongdoings never fully go away. Of course, it’s because of that reality that liberals may want to think twice while riding around on their high horses. After all, you never know when one of your own skeletons are going to come out of the closet and knock you off – and let me tell you, it’s a long way down.

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