Beyonce’s Daughter Freaks Out After Seeing Mom Do ‘The Nasty’ Right On Stage


Beyonce and Jay-Z were in concert a few days ago in London, and their little six-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, was seated front and center for the big performance. But, as most people know, Beyonce isn’t appropriate for young children, no matter what Michelle Obama says. The poor little girl got freaked out, covering her face and then ducking down out of sight, as her famous mom got so nasty on stage it will make you sick.

Screenshots of Beyonce and her daughter’s reaction from the footage seen below

Idiots in the Hollywood crowd think kids watching pornography is cute. That’s not being dramatic, either. Pornography is defined as an erotic behavior or acts, or materials that cause arousal and sexual excitement.

So, of course, Beyonce’s act, during her London concert on June 15th with Jay-Z, depicting them naked in bed is an erotic act. What is so sad is that their daughter, Blue Ivy, was watching the whole thing, and it was captured on video.

Elle Magazine made light of it, reporting, “Six-year-old Blue Ivy Carter was in the audience of her parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s June 15 On the Run II show in London. And while she could appreciate some of it, she hit her limit during one of two’s coupley video interludes.”

They add, “Basically, her parents are so embarrassing and extra, she can’t even. A tour-goer caught Blue literally sinking and hiding her face during what she found to be the more cringey parts of her parents’ clip. She’d rise back up to see if it was safe, then sink back down because it wasn’t.”

Call me old fashion, but exposing a six-year-old to sexual themes that she even knows deep down in her gut are wrong is some form of child abuse. The fact that it is her parents performing the erotic acts in bed has to make you wonder what in the hell is wrong with our culture today that they are not condemned by the mainstream media?

Well, according to Elle Magazine, it’s all good because later Blue Ivy was spotted recovered from her earlier fright. “It wasn’t all bad though: Blue was spotted dancing during other parts of the concert. Obviously, she has absolutely impeccable rhythm and timing,” reported Elle Magazine.

We all remember Barack and Michelle Obama saying that Beyonce is a role model for their daughters. The Guardian reported, “Barack Obama has revealed the extent to which he is a fan of Beyoncé, claiming she is the perfect ‘role model’ for his daughters. ‘Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls,’ said Obama.”

Michelle Obama is also a close friend and huge fan of Beyonce. She tweeted, “Always inspired by your powerful contributions @Beyonce. You are a role model for us all. Thank you for investing in our girls.”

So, just what was Blue Ivy looking at that made her freak out? Well, most of this new concert tour is on lockdown, but we do have a pretty good idea of some of the images the little girl was exposed to from Beyonce’s Instagram account.

According to Elle Magazine, “In the On the Run Tour Book, where Bey and Jay shared pictures of themselves that are intimate in every sense of the word, including pictures of them in bed and of Beyoncé casually lounging in a thong.” Warning: The following photo contains Beyonce’s nearly bare behind.

There is one more pic from the Instagram account of Beyonce and Jay-Z in bed that is too graphic to post. We know the video Blue Ivy was reacting to was one where her parents are in bed naked, yes, completely naked, “doing the nasty.”

It also shows them smoking pot in bed. It’s sexually explicit content, which by all accounts is not appropriate for anyone under 17-years-old. How is this blown-off as just a cutesy incident?

This is the culture war we fight with the leftists who are all on board with ripping a full term baby out of a mother’s womb while excoriating the president about illegal alien families at the border. They care nothing about Amerian citizens who have been murdered by illegals but feign tears over so-called global warming, screaming we are killing the earth.

Nothing these leftist losers do or say surprises me anymore. They are getting more and more violent when they “protest” our conservative values. Well, this sick example, featuring Beyonce’s daughter, proves they are so far gone into depravity, they label Blue Ivy’s horror at seeing her parents engaging in sex as “cute.”

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