BLM Makes Sick Demand After Being Run Off By Biker Cops, But Police Have The Perfect Reply


After a few entitled brats decided to take over part of a university campus in Las Vegas, Nevada, they were beyond shocked to be run off by local law enforcement – mainly, biker cops. Of course, after the little snowflakes had their feelings hurt, they started to make a few demands. Too bad for them, these police officers had the perfect reply locked and loaded.

BLM Makes Sick Demand After Being Run Off By Biker Cops, But Police Have The Perfect Reply
Black Lives Matter (left), an image from a video of motorcycle cops (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, 2)

According to Truth Revolt, the incident took place as college students attending the University of Nevada-Las Vegas decided to get together for a little poetry reading. However, those in attendance were actually members of Black Lives Matter – a movement that many people here in America would like to see officially labeled as a terrorist organization.

Oddly enough, it seems the snowflakes little shindig didn’t go quite as planned after a few police officers got involved. As alleged by one of the members in attendance, the police came out of nowhere, invaded their space, and took over in a threatening manner.

“We saw the police officers there doing circles, staring at us,” one of them said. “For them to be staring at us the way they were, revving their engines and going through a space that was ours, that was very intimidating. They didn’t say anything to us, they just came and took over our space as if it was theirs.”

The entitled brats took to social media with a video of the ordeal and even went so far as to make a sick demand of the police officers involved, insisting they issue an apology. Yes, you read that right. Even though there weren’t any arrests and no one was hurt, the little whiners felt that they were owed an apology simply for the fact that they were “scared.”

Unfortunately for them, things aren’t exactly going to work out the way they wanted since the North Las Vegas Police Department has since heard what they want, and boy, did they have a perfect response. You see, the situation didn’t exactly go down exactly like the BLM members want you to believe.

In fact, nearly nothing they said was factual, so the police department has since told them to “stuff it.” Well, not exactly, but that’s pretty much what their response amounted to as they simply explained that they were there for a training exercise and nothing more.

Apparently, the police department has used the campus to teach motorcycle cops how to get around crowded or tight areas and said that the fact that they appeared when BLM was there was nothing more than coincidence. “It is never our intent to offend or to intimidate anybody. The instructors wanted to put the student in a situation where they could maneuver challenging spots at a very low speed,” the department said in a statement.

In the end, no official apology was granted. Even worse yet for members of Black Lives Matter, it seems that even members of the community aren’t buying their BS. Furthermore, many people state that the cops don’t owe them anything.

The claims of intimidation would be more believable if they didn’t post a video showing what actually happened. Nothing.

The cops weaved slowly around empty tables and empty chairs for a minute and then drove off. The cops never flashed their lights or appeared to pay any attention to the few students remaining nearby. That’s because the cops were on a training exercise to practice going through tight spaces. It’s training they have done at UNLV for decades, and they do it in the evening to avoid disrupting student activities. [Source: Las Vegas Review Journal]

In the end, this seems to be nothing more than a typical example of entitled behavior from bratty college students. I mean, these idiots are literally mad because police officers were “too close” to them. Oh, and motorcycles are loud, that too. Get over it.

Sadly, this reality came to a head under Barack Obama’s administration, but it hasn’t been going so well these days. Although I’d like to say this may be the last time some obnoxious demands like this are made, I highly doubt that would be the case. After all, society has devolved to a point where people think they deserve what isn’t theirs and what they haven’t earned – and it’s idiots like this who continue to prove that on a daily basis.

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