CBS in Hot Water Again, Another Top Exec Taken Down by #MeToo


The media industry was stunned when a long-time leader of CBS was taken down by shocking allegations of sexual misconduct. Well, the ink hasn’t even dried on that story and now we are learning about yet another CBS heavy-hitter’s horrendous actions. They moved fast to deal with this one.

CBS continues to reel from #MeToo allegations. Par for the course for a liberal news company. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Jeanne Menjoulet/Flickr)

#MeToo is the movement that keeps on giving. Originally crafted to protect Hollywood from Harvey Weinstein’s fallout, it has continued to expose top Democrats for their vile behavior. Men (and women) who claim to be the biggest feminists turn out to be abusers behind closed doors.

Conservatives shouldn’t be surprised. While we’ve been taught to respect women and treat them right, liberal “feminists” have used their so-called support of women’s rights as a cover for sexual abuse. Liberal men pretend to back feminist mantras. But when alone with vulnerable women — most of the time subordinates — their true colors come out.

Some liberal men have turned out to be harassers, assaulters, and outright rapists.

Democrats within government, entertainment, and media have been outed for abuse. This is more than just a few poorly-chosen words. These men have done almost everything to these women. That’s not to mention the women in power who have abused men.

Recently Les Moonves, head of CBS, was bombarded by claims of abuse. Although initially denying them, the number of women accusing him of sexual abuse was overwhelming. He was quickly ejected from the company he ran for decades.

Not to be outdone, another top CBS producer was accused of similar crimes: producer of lauded 60 Minutes, Jeff Fager.

Last month, six former employees said that Jeff Fager, the “60 Minutes” executive producer and former CBS News chairman, had touched employees at company parties in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Others said that Fager protected men accused of misconduct, including men who reported to him…

In a new allegation against Fager, Sarah Johansen, a producer who was an intern at CBS in the late aughts, said that he groped her at a work party. Johansen told me that she felt compelled to speak because she simply “can’t believe he’s back there.”

The initial allegations also included claims by nineteen current and former employees that Fager had tolerated harassment in the division. A number described the environment at “60 Minutes” under Fager’s leadership as “a frat house.” One producer, Habiba Nosheen, said that the program had a “Mad Men” culture. She and several others said that senior male members of the “60 Minutes” team asked about their sex lives and suggested they flirt with sources. One former employee said older male producers at the show greeted her by kissing her on the mouth and touching her rear end, and told me that Fager “seemed to encourage” the climate. [Source: The New Yorker]

Okay, let’s break this down. A top executive at a liberal TV and news network was running his show like a “frat house.” Women were routinely harassed and mistreated, groped at parties. They were told to flirt with sources to get news and were asked about their sex lives. The leader of the show, Jeff Fager, seemed to encourage the climate.

This is the very behavior feminist Democrats claim to oppose. They accuse conservative men of treating women like this. Yet, when the truth comes out, who is really treating women terribly? Not the men who were raised with traditional views of gender.

It didn’t take long for Fager’s story to spread. Now, CBS, no longer able to keep this under wraps, has cut the man loose.

“Jeff Fager is leaving the company effective immediately,” CBS News president David Rhodes said Wednesday in a statement. “Bill Owens will manage the 60 Minutes team as Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews and I begin the search for a new executive producer of the program. 60 Minutes is the most significant news broadcast on television.”

Added Rhodes: “We are fortunate to have incredibly talented journalists in place who we know will continue to deliver our defining investigative work. This action today is not directly related to the allegations surfaced in press reports, which continue to be investigated independently. However, he violated company policy and it is our commitment to uphold those policies at every level. [CBS acting CEO] Joe Ianniello is in full support of this decision and the transition to come.” [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Fager claims he is being let go because he was rude to a journalist via a text. Um, what? The man worked for CBS for 36 years. And they want us to believe he is being canned over a text? Not the shocking allegations of sexual harassment and “frat house” conditions of his show?

Yeah, I’m not believing that!

It’s obvious Fager is trying to protect his butt. CBS might not be able to admit why they fired him — perhaps there is a contractual issue — but it’s clear to the rest of us. Maybe Fager is afraid of losing out on other jobs in the future. Maybe Netflix won’t be too keen on hiring him alongside Obama if they know he was fired over sexual harassment. Either way, he is the next in a long serious of Democrats outed for sexual misconduct. I wonder who will be next?

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