Cop Tries to Arrest Drunk Lawmaker, Gets a Mouthful of Fury from Nasty Woman


A Kansas councilwoman failed to appear in court after a drunk arrest. When the police showed up to apprehend her, things got ugly. Atchison County sheriffs learned that this lawmaker’s bite is much worse than her bark.

A Kansas councilwoman failed to appear at her hearing but refused to comply when cops showed up at her door. (Photo Credit: Derek Key/Flickr, Atchison County Sheriff’s Office)

We’ve seen a lot of outrageous behavior from government officials. Some just can’t keep their mouths shut. Democrats in DC continue to spread division and hate—all because they hate President Donald Trump. There are some who continue to call for impeachment, over nothing. Others are encouraging supporters to attack and harass conservatives.

On top of that, many notable lawmakers have been outed under the #MeToo trend. Both men and women in government have been exposed for their vile treatment of staff. They have used their influence to harass, seduce, and in some cases assault victims. Some of these people—to our great shame—are still in public office.

Then there are those politicians who openly commit crimes. Sure, many of them embezzle money or cheat donors. But sometimes a lawmaker gets a little more violent. Sometimes, they completely lose their minds.

That must have been the case with Carol Fowler. A city councilwoman from a small town in Kansas, she was originally arrested over a charge of being a pedestrian under the influence. Everyone likes a nip, once and a while. But we expect a councilwoman—even one from a small town—to keep it indoors.

Naturally, she refused to show up for her court date. Police had to visit her at her home to take her in. That’s when things got ugly.

Carol Fowler did not go quietly when deputies showed up at her door last week to arrest her on an outstanding warrant, authorities say…

They arrested her on a warrant for failure to show up in Atchison County District Court on December charges of being a pedestrian under the influence and interfering with law enforcement, according to the Globe.

At her home, Fowler began kicking, hitting and scratching deputies, so they tased her to subdue her, Laurie told the newspaper and MSC News…

As staff at the Atchison county jail tried to finish booking her, Fowler fought again, Laurie told MSC News.

As jail officers tried to get her to remove her jewelry and other personal items, she bit a corrections officer on the thumb, the sheriff told MSC. [Source: The Kansas City Star]

Dang. What is going on with this councilwoman? Obvious she has bigger problems than a one-time drunk offense.

Listen, it’s bad to get arrested for being drunk out of doors. But she should have taken her lumps like anyone else. Fowler should have shown up to the court and dealt with the problem. Obviously, there is something else going on.

Why did she try to fight off the cops? Did she think she would have been able to get away? The police had to tase the woman just to get her to the station. Even then, she continued to fight back. That little thumb-biting incident only added charges to her case.

“They had five officers in there and it was a struggle for all of them to get her to comply,” Laurie told MSC. “She was able to (get) a hold of one of the correction officer’s thumbs with her teeth and actually broke the bone in his thumb.”

The deputy was treated at the hospital, Laurie told the website, but will need ongoing treatment. [Source: The Kansas City Star]

Ouch. Yet another reason we should appreciate our law enforcement. They are literally getting bitten so we can be safe. Crime is taking a bite out of them.

This certainly is an eye-opening for the residents of that town. Be careful who you vote for. Of course, it remains to be seen whether Fowler will hold onto her position.

Fowler was taken to jail and remained there on a $5,000 bond, according to a department spokesperson…

Fowler is one of five council members in the town with a population of 73 people, according to the Atchison County website. [Source: ABC 15]

I mean, sure, it’s a small town. But even they deserve leaders who don’t chomp down on thumbs. Perhaps a special election is in order.

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