Daycare Workers Bring Sex Toy To Work, Parents Horrified When Sick Video With Kids Leaks


When parents dropped off their kids at a daycare in Arizona, they thought that they could trust the employees to take good care of their children. Unfortunately, that trust would be broken when the disgusting workers decided to bring a sex toy to work. Although these degenerates had thought that they had gotten away with their disturbing act, parents were absolutely horrified when a sick video leaked and saw what the workers had done.

Daycare Workers Bring Sex Toy To Work, Cops Horrified When Sick Video With Kids Leaks
Fatina Sawyer (top left), Janae Peterson (bottom left), the little boy holding the sex toy (center), Gabriella Del Carmen Garcia (right) (Photo Credit: Chandler Police Department, Screengrab/KSAZ)

Three workers at the Superkids Daycare Center in Chandler, Arizona thought they could have some twisted fun at work by bringing in a sex toy. Most people realize how inappropriate it would be to bring something of that nature to work, especially at a workplace where children are present. However, when one of the three employees shared the video of what they did with the sex toy at work on Snapchat, it eventually leaked into the right hands, leaving everyone who watched the video absolutely horrified by its contents.

The three female workers, identified as Gabriella Del Carmen Garcia, Fatina Sawyer, and Janae Peterson, were all working with a group of toddlers when the sex toy was brought out for what seems to be a form of “entertainment.” Although the entire video is graphic and horrifying to watch, Garcia has been identified as the woman using the sex toy, while Sawyer recorded and uploaded the video, according to KSAZ. Peterson wasn’t involved but sat idly by and did nothing to protect the children. Sadly, in the sick video, Garcia is seen playing with the sex toy in front of children and even goes as far as placing it in one child’s hand.

Thankfully, someone who saw the video online reported the women to the police. Since then, they have been arrested for the explicit video and have been fired from the daycare. Peterson, who has already been released following her arrest, is now being charged with one count of failure to report.

Superkids management gave parents a statement in the form of a letter, which has also been posted on their Facebook page:

It has been brought to our attention that some teachers behaved inappropriately yesterday at our child care center. We immediately contacted the police and state authorities about this incident. Police are currently investigating the incident and we will fully cooperate with them. We are in the process of informing the parents about the incident. The teachers involved in this incident have been terminated effective immediately.

We will take appropriate measures that this type of incident won’t happen again in the future.
Thank you for your understanding.

It’s truly disgusting to think that these children were exposed to such sick acts by the people whom their parents trusted to care for them in their absence. Our society has truly become a sick place when even the people who we should be able to entrust to watch our children abuse their power and do disgusting things in front of them.

Daycares around this country need to start taking better precautions to ensure nothing like this happens at their establishment. Children are a blessing from God and don’t need to be exposed to something like this. Thankfully, with the embarrassment from the public outrage over their sick acts, along with their punishment, I think it’s safe to say these sick women are being taught a brutal lesson, and rightfully so.

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