Days After Las Vegas Shooting, New York Man Makes Chilling 7-Word Threat


For most people, the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas was a living nightmare. In just a few, short, horrifying moments, one man was able to murder 58 people and injure approximately 500 others. While any person with moral decency mourns such a heinous act, that wasn’t the case for at least one New York man. After hearing about the tragic events at the music festival in Nevada, he got an idea of his own and made a chilling 7-word threat.

After Hearing About Las Vegas Shooting, New York Man Makes Chilling 7 Word Threat
Victor Casillas (left), Victims of the Las Vegas shooting (right) (Photo Credit: U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, David Becker/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

After hearing about the fatalities in Las Vegas, Nevada, a man from midtown Manhattan, named Victor Casillas, got a few ideas of his own. Apparently, the sick man had issues with a Colorado-based company and its employees that he felt needed to be violently addressed, and that’s when he made a chilling 7-word threat.

Come to find out, Casillas had made several email threats to the Colorado company and several of its employees. In addition to his threating words, he attempted to extort money from the company between September 26 and October 4. However, it was 7 words in particular that were so chilling, it’s something no one from the company will likely ever forget.

Victor Casillas said, “Get ready for a Las Vegas repeat (final warning. … I still have not received my God damn funds… a–holes… well get ready for Las Vegas part 2 …. maybe today you will meet you maker (sic).” This was among the threats officials say Casillas sent to the company. Along with his threats, Casillas stated in the emails that he would “murder one or more employees of the company if his demands for money were not met, the Attorney’s Office states,” according to Pix 11.

In two separate emails sent before the mass shooting on the Vegas Strip, Casillas allegedly included pictures of heavy duty weaponry — including a submachine gun equipped with a silencer and two MAC-11 submachine guns. [Source: NY Daily News]

To make matters even more horrifying, Casillas claimed in his threats that he had traveled to Colorado to identify several employees by name. In fact, one of the employee’s names was suffixed with the word “decapitation,” the Attorney’s Office stated. Sadly, Casillas even went so far as to further threaten the employees, saying, “Please tell loved ones to start picking out a nice beautiful casket and plan a decent funeral.”

Luckily, law enforcement personnel were able to track Casillas through his IP address and used GPS to locate him. He has since been arrested “for allegedly making murderous threats that culminated in his invocation of the Oct. 1 massacre — all because a Colorado company shut him down on suspicion he was gaming its referral bonus by offering to other users,” according to NY Daily News.

It’s truly sickening that this man constructed a twisted idea as a result of the Las Vegas shooting, with no regard or sympathy for the individuals who were either emotionally or physically injured, or worse, lost their lives. This just goes to prove that although the Las Vegas shooter is dead, there are still many sick and twisted people still alive just waiting for the right opportunity to ruin someone’s life.

Although our nation is beginning to see more hate as time goes on, there’s one thing that always prevails – selflessness. People come out of the woodwork here in America to help one another during a tragedy, and that only proves how strong we all are. It’s too bad we can’t unite for other reasons, which would ultimately boost our ability to do great things for not only ourselves but the world. Perhaps one day it will happen, but sadly, today isn’t that day, but at least another man is behind bars for his chilling threats against more innocent Americans.

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