Detroit Thug Pulls Gun On The Wrong Guy, Gets Brutal Dose Of Instant Justice


A shocking video has emerged out of Detroit, Michigan, where a violent thug was recorded pulling a gun on the wrong guy during an attempted armed robbery. Now, the clip has gone viral after the armed punk got a brutal dose of instant justice, and rightfully so.

Screenshots from video surveillance footage (Photo Credits: Fox 2)

According to the New York Post, the shocking incident took place on Sunday, October 8, 2017, outside a supermarket. Luckily, the attempted robbery was captured on surveillance video. Detroit police said 29-year-old Sanchez Quinn tried to rob two men at gunpoint when he received the shock of his life as one of the men pulled his own firearm and dished out some brutal punishment.

Little did Quinn know, that one of the men was a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holder. “I turned and looked and saw the other gentleman had a gun pointed at my face,” the unidentified would-be victim told FOX2 Detroit. “I was able to knock his hand down and the gunfire rang out.” The man Quinn first pointed his gun at is seen in the video wearing a black-and-white t-shirt and shorts.

According to police, the would-be victim’s cousin, who’s seen in a blue jacket and ballcap, was shot four times during the gunfight, which was also captured in the video below. Both Quinn and the victim’s cousin are expected to make a full recovery. Apparently, Cynthia Quinn, the suspects mother, showed up to the hospital where he was being treated for his gunshot wounds.

“All I want to do is see my son to see if he’s alright,” she said. If this woman was so concerned about her son, she shouldn’t have raised him to be a violent thug. When she arrived at Henry Ford Hospital, police refused to let her see her son and for good reason.

The suspect’s mother complained to FOX 2 that she wasn’t allowed to see her thug son. What part of, “Your son just tried to kill two innocent people during an armed robbery” doesn’t she understand?

“When I went to my son’s room I was stopped by two police officers (who) told me to get out of my son’s room,” she says. “‘Why you here? You can’t be here.’” It won’t be long before the suspect’s family is back on the news telling everyone what a loving sweet boy he is.

Detroit police told the victim that having his CPL and using it was probably the only reason he and his cousin are still alive. “It makes me mad because you have people out here that work every day. They are innocent; you want to take from them,” the CPL holder said. “These guys, I definitely feel don’t need to be back out on the street because someone else might get hurt and it might happen in a different way.” He also told FOX 2 that he had never been in this kind of situation before.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. Violent thugs like Quinn victimize innocent people every day in our country. Unfortunately, many victims are seriously injured or murdered because they don’t have a way to protect themselves. Thank God, this particular Detroit man was prepared to fight back when it was necessary.

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