Dustin Poirier Says Eddie Alvarez Has Ducked Him Five Times Now


UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier has been trying to wind back the clock with former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez ever since the two faced off back at UFC 211 in Dallas, Texas.

Alvarez landed illegal knees to Poirier’s head while he was classed as a “downed opponent” in the two second round, resulting in the bout being ruled a no contest.

Poirier has doggedly pursued a rematch with the former champion who seems to want nothing to do with “The Diamond” in the cage. Poirier made an appearance on the MMA Hour podcast today following his Fight of the Year contender victory over Justin Gaethje at the weekend in the main event of UFC on FOX 29.

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Poirier asserted that he had been offered a fight against Alvarez for UFC 223 with a view for both fighters to be held on standby in case Tony Ferguson or Khabib Nurmagomedov fell out of their main event fight for the lightweight championship.

Poirier says that he accepted the fight, but that Alvarez declined to sign on the dotted line. As it turns out, Tony Ferguson would later suffer a knee injury a week before UFC 223, and Alvarez could have had the chance to step in to fight for the lightweight title again, if only he had signed up to fight Poirier first.

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“Me and Eddie were offered a rematch on that Brooklyn show that Tony and Khabib were on,” Poirier said. “And my management told me that pretty much they’re probably trying to book this fight because if they fall out, one of you are going to replace them. I accepted the fight. Eddie turned it down. This was months ago. We could have been on that card, Eddie’s ranked higher than me, he probably would have fought for the belt a couple weekends ago.”

“The Diamond” also noted that he had been trying to get a rematch with Alvarez a number of times and that the former champion had turned down every often that had been put to him.

“It was offered a bunch of times, man,” Poirier said. “There were a bunch of cards that they offered the fight on. I accepted every time they offered it, Eddie turned it down every time. I think it was five times.”

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Poirier certainly still seems to have some bad blood with the former champion, who he feels disrespected him following their match at UFC 211.

“The things that he said after our fight, just the way he acted, I tried to stand up for the man and tell the crowd stop booing him not a dirty fighter, have some respect for the man,” Poirier said.

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“… Just way he acted after that. Saying that I was trying to milk the knee, he tweeted me “are you finally off your stool yet’ just all kinds of stuff like that that was very disrespectful. This isn’t a bar fight. You don’t knee somebody in the head and expect the guy to just keep going like it didn’t hurt. He got me pretty good with that knee, and it could have changed the outcome of the fight. This is a sport. There has to be some line drawn.”

No wonder Poirier decided to call out newly minted lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov following his highlight victory over the notoriously tough Justin Gaethje at the weekend. Regardless, Poirier says that if he doesn’t get a shot against the Dagestani wrestling phenom, he’s still on the hunt for that rematch with Alvarez.

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“If I do not get the title shot next, it’s going to be Eddie,” Poirier said.

Do you think we’ll ever see Dustin Poirier across the cage from Eddie Alvarez again? Who do you think would win in the rematch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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