ESPN In Trouble After Former Commentator Drops Bombshell They Wanted Kept Secret


Despite watching the National Football League suffer backlash, with their ratings in a tailspin, the sports network ESPN seems intent on going down with the NFL as they have only praised the pathetic protesters and bashed President Donald Trump. Unfortunately for them, it looks like the final nails may have just been pounded into their coffin after a former commentator dropped a massive bombshell on live tv – and it’s one secret they didn’t want out.

WATCH: ESPN In Trouble After Former Commentator Drops Bombshell They Wanted Kept Secret
Stuart Varney (left) and Britt McHenry (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

They say that whoever controls the flow of information, controls the people, and that’s exactly the agenda of the left. Currently, they own most venues of information, including Facebook, Google, and YouTube, and they are often accused of actively censoring information they don’t like or that is damaging to their cause.

Sadly, it seems that this reality is spreading like a cancer through all forms of media as we’re seeing it in news organizations like CNN and MSNBC, as well as other networks, where political agendas shouldn’t even exist. Proving that the most, though, is ESPN recently.

When you think ESPN, you think of sports, not politics – or at least, you used to. For some reason, those in charge have taken a political stand on matters that really aren’t relevant to what they’re supposed to be doing on a daily basis.

Although they’ve tried to act as “neutral” as possible, they just had the lid blown off their dirty little secret by a former commentator. According to a Fox News video that has since been shared to YouTube, Former ESPN commentator Britt McHenry went on Varney and Co. to drop quite the bombshell about ESPN’s politics behind the curtain.

“I can just speak from being conservative a lot of people who felt the way I did were timid to express their opinions… I was told not to even ‘like’ conservative tweets on Twitter,” Britt McHenry explained, to which Stuart Varney asked, “Was it ESPN management?” and McHenry responded with a resounding, “Yes. Yes,” The Gateway Pundit reports.

Yes, you read that right. Commentators or any other various faces of the company are not allowed to like tweets with a conservative message on Twitter. Of course, it’s all well and good if you bash President Donald Trump all day or actively praise terrorist organizations like Antifa because, well, it falls in line with their liberal agenda.

However, if Trump were to say something that is fairly common sense, you are mandated to simply keep scrolling as it would give fuel to the enemies of the left. We can’t say for certain what would have happened if a commentator ignored this requirement, but it’s safe to say they would face some kind of discipline if not be terminated altogether.

The irony here is that these are the same idiots saying that NFL players have the “right to free speech,” even when “working” on the field, but the network’s own employees can’t like public tweets on their own free time. In fact, that goes beyond irony and passes into hypocrisy, proving that the left is blinded by their own bias.

At this point, liberals are smacking themselves across the face with their own words and don’t even notice. Stay classy liberals – you’re doing a fine job at proving just how fraudulent and worthless your beliefs and opinions really are.

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