Female Cop Under Fire After Department Discovers Videos She ‘Failed To Disclose’


New Jersey sheriff’s officer Kristen Hyman (left) could lose her job after the reemergence of videos where she acted as a dominatrix (right).

A newly sworn-in police officer will go before a disciplinary board on June 27 in a desperate fight to keep her job after some very kinky videos surfaced of her previous line of work. Kristen Hyman “failed to disclose” what she once did to men for money, and now that the department has discovered them, she’s come under fire.

According to NJ.com, Hudson County sheriff’s officer Kristen Hyman is accused of conduct unbecoming a public employee for appearing in bondage films as a dominatrix from 2010 to 2012. In the videos, Hyman is fully clothed, but her “victims” are all nude as she “abuses” them.

Hyman’s old videos have sparked ridicule for the department where she now works, leading to her suspension on May 26, six days before her academy graduation, for failing to disclose “that she appeared in the films and sometimes saw clients privately for money.”

According to court documents, Hyman told investigators that the videos amounted to no more than “stupid stuff I did when I was a kid” and that the violent acts that are seen in some of the recordings, where she whips, kicks, and slaps men, were staged.

In some clips seen by DailyMail.com, she is seen kicking naked men in the testicles, choking a man in a swimming pool, and putting her heels on the face of a man in a leather mask.

Hyman said that she was merely an actress in the videos, and noted that she didn’t use her real name.

Her lawyers argued that it was wrong to suspend her before a disciplinary hearing. [Source: Daily Mail]

Unfortunately, now that Hyman’s story has made the national news, it is going to be very difficult for the locals she has sworn to protect and serve to take her seriously. It is also unfair to her colleagues, whose department has lost respect over this debacle.

Kristen Hyman worked as a dominatrix from 2010-2012. She is seen here making a man in a leather mask lick her boots.

However, we need as many good men and women on the force as we can get these days. Perhaps Hyman should be allowed to put the past behind her and begin a new career which will allow her to give back to her community.

What she did was legal and consensual, and it was before she became an officer. Besides, she already knows her way around a pair of handcuffs, and sometimes criminals need a swift kick in the nuts anyway…

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