Government Gave $5 Million To People Not In Need, All Had One Alarming Thing In Common


In recent months, we’ve learned about abuses that have cost taxpayers millions. Crooks have exploited government handouts, bilking hard-working Americans out of their money. Now, we are learning in the state of Texas, the government gave out over $5 million dollars to people in need. The only problem, the people whom they supposedly helped all had one alarming thing in common.

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Many Americans are frustrated with government entitlements. These programs are nothing more than handouts. They suck up billions of tax dollars. They give freebies to people who — more often than not — should be working. Time and again, we learn how these programs (especially SNAP, i.e.: food stamps) are abused by crooks.

But, perhaps this story takes the cake. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission gave out over $5 million in Medicaid payments to dead people. That’s not even a joke. Medical providers were pocketing your tax dollars for people who died. In some cases, they were dead for over a year.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission paid managed-care organizations $5,521,704 in Medicaid capitation payments after beneficiaries died, according to an audit from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

According to the report, a capitation payment is one that the state makes to a contractor for each beneficiary’s medical services enrolled under the state plan. This payment is made regardless of whether or not the beneficiary receives services in that period.

“The State agency performs monthly reviews of capitation payments and beneficiary eligibility to identify and recover unallowable payments made after a beneficiary’s death,” the report explains. “We compared the dates of death noted in the Texas Medicaid eligibility system or the State Bureau of Vital Statistics records to [Social Security Administration]’s dates of death to confirm whether SSA’s dates of death were correct.” [Source: Fox News]

Capitation payments are already shady. They are made even if the person doesn’t get services. That’s a common problem with government programs. They dish out money, yet nothing is done. But, giving out cash to help dead people? Are government agencies this incompetent?

Yes, yes they are.

The people who rubber stamp these payments couldn’t care less. They just hand out your tax dollars like it was candy. Never mind the people who need actual help. Never mind the massive burden these programs create on hard-working Americans.

According to reports, they were able to get back some of the money, but a huge chunk is still unaccounted for.

While auditors found that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission made efforts to identify and recover unallowable payments, they still made roughly $5.5 million capitation payments after beneficiaries had died. The state was able to recover about $3.75 million of those payments, but roughly $1.77 million in payments had not been identified or recovered.

“We determined that 107 of the 174 deceased beneficiaries, or 61 percent, had payments made over one year after their dates of death,” auditors said. [Source: Fox News]

Okay, now I’m mad. Payments have not been identified!? A million dollars just walked away on its own? Doesn’t this agency have a paper trail? Or records? Or a bank account? I can’t buy a stick of gum without text alerts from the checking account. Yet, the Health and Human Services Commission can’t figure out who it gave over a million dollars to.

Something is rotten in the state of Texas.

This is just another day for bloated government bureaucracies. If it makes you mad, then good. American needs to know just how poorly their money is being used. Spread the word. Show this story to your friends and coworkers. Demand that your leaders reform these programs, or else they’ll get the boot!

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