Hollywood Liberals Trash Trump At Golden Globes, So Denzel Washington Sets Them Straight


Whenever an annual awards show rolls around in Hollywood, the liberal elites of Tinsel Town inevitably use it as a means to promote their agenda, and this year’s Golden Globes were no different. However, as celebrities gathered to trash President Donald Trump on Sunday evening, there was one actor among them who was having none of it. Denzel Washington, who can always be counted on to lend a bit of much-needed wisdom, was quick to set his liberal colleagues straight as they went after our POTUS.

Meryl Streep is interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7, 2018 (left); Denzel Washington (right) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube, Screen Capture/YouTube)

2017 saw an entertainment industry plagued by sexual harassment allegations, the most notable of which were waged against producer Harvey Weinstein, who was outed after spending decades taking advantage of women. After Weinstein went down, a flood of other claims was launched, and before the year was over, a sobering number of celebrities were exposed as serial sexual abusers.

As their ship began to sink, Hollywood liberals seemingly tried to divert attention away from their own indiscretions by accusing President Donald Trump of harassing women. Of course, the difference between the allegations against Weinstein and those against Trump are many. For one, the women who came forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct were paid to do so. Additionally, there is no evidence to prove their sensational accusations against the President are true.

Hollywood continued its grandstand against sexual harassment on Sunday, by turning the Golden Globes into a night of political activism. Most of the actors wore black in “solidarity” with survivors of sexual abuse, and some even took political activists as their dates to the awards show.

This posturing may have fooled a great many people who conveniently seemed to have forgotten that these same actors kept quiet about the abuse Harvey Weinstein and others were responsible for, but not Denzel Washington. In fact, when Washington was interviewed on the red carpet, he appeared less than impressed with his colleagues’ efforts.

While other celebrities sold an industry that was in the midst of serious change given the recent sexual misconduct scandals, Washington had a much more grounded reaction to change within the industry (including to stars wearing black in “solidarity” against sexual harassment). [Source: PopZette]

Denzel Washington immediately brought his colleagues back down to earth, commenting, “It’s important to follow through.” The “Roman J. Israel Esq.” star stood next to Pauletta Washington, his wife of more than 30 years, while shrugging about stars wearing black in solidarity at the ceremony.

“It’s important to see what’s happening a year from now,” added Washington, essentially warning his colleagues that the world will be watching to see what they are all doing when it is no longer politically expedient to trot out activists and don expensive black gowns.

Of course, all of these actors knew full-well about the rampant sexual abuse happening within their ranks, yet they played along and kept quiet for years so as to not offend anyone who might help their careers. And now, after decades of allowing rape and harassment to go unchecked, they want to play the hero by trotting out activists on the red carpet. I don’t think so. They’re not fooling anyone. Not you, not I, and certainly not Denzel Washington.

If Hollywood wants to see real change, then they are the ones who are going to need to change. Wearing a $12,000 black dress is not going to stop anyone from being raped. A hashtag isn’t going to do much of anything, either. Lecturing the American people, who have nothing to do with the immorality in their ranks, isn’t going to change anything either. Until these out-of-touch liberals start exhibiting some integrity and some accountability, their political stunts for the cameras won’t be helping anyone.

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