Illegal Alien Laughs In Court After Violent Rape, Judge Wipes Smug Grin Off His Face


A 20-time deportee was in for a bit more than he bargained after coming to court to answer for his crimes. As it turns out, the twisted deviant decided to laugh when confronted about violently raping two different women – but it didn’t last long as the judge wiped the smug grin off his face for good.

Illegal Alien Laughs In Court After Violent Rape, Judge Wipes Smug Grin Off His Face
Sergio Jose Martinez (left, right) Circuit Court Judge Eric Bergstrom (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Mad World News previously reported about Sergio Jose Martinez, an illegal immigrant who had been deported a whopping 20 separate times before making his way back to America each time. Unfortunately, the criminal was able to seek refuge in Portland, Oregon, which is a sanctuary city, but he would give the town quite the horrific “thank you” in return.

In all, the deviant criminal raped two separate women. First, the man broke into the home of a 65-year-old woman where he tied her up and raped her repeatedly at knifepoint. When he was finally bored, he took his victim’s car and was able to get away.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before Martinez found himself in the mood to rape again and decided to see where else he could take advantage of an unsuspecting woman. After lurking around in an underground parking garage, another victim eventually came along, prompting the man to strike again.

However, he was caught this time – but not before the damage had already been done. It doesn’t take a genius to see how the city’s pro-illegal immigration policy resulted in two residents being victimized, but officials have yet to change any laws.

As for Martinez, he may have gotten away with breaking the law by entering our country illegally, thanks to liberal politicians, but that doesn’t mean that he was in the clear to do whatever he wanted. In fact, BizPac Review reports that he was most recently pulled into court to answer for his crimes, but things likely didn’t go the way that he was expecting.

In all, he pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary, first-degree sodomy, first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, attempted first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree assault. As is customary, family members of the illegal alien’s victims were also allowed to speak at his trial – and they let Martinez have it.

“You deserve more punishment than you have received here,” said the daughter of Martinez’s first victim. “We don’t feel that justice has been served with this or any possible sentence. The only consolation is that a dangerous person is no longer in a place where he can hurt people because you have been caught and you are going to jail.”

However, things took a bizarre turn as another man took the stand. One of the women’s brothers told Martinez, “Sergio, no sentencing is enough…I rather you rot in hell.” Instead of showing signs of guilt or remorse though, the perverted deviant began to laugh and could be seen with a large smile on his face, according to CBS KOIN 6.

Too bad for him, his pleasure in the family’s suffering would be short-lived as the judge quickly wiped the smug grin off his face for good. In the end, Martinez was sentenced to 35 years behind bars, meaning he could likely spend the rest of his life in a cage – a reality that quickly set in.

From that point on, the illegal alien didn’t smile or laugh, but he wasn’t done making a fool of himself yet. After being ordered out of the courtroom, the man turned toward the women’s families and simply stated, “See all you guys in hell.”

The families stated that Martinez didn’t get what he deserved, and they’re right — but only for a limited time. The rapist did get one thing right; he is headed to hell for what he did. He will get his due justice, and even better yet, it will last an eternity.

There are worse things than what we can experience here on earth. Maybe Martinez should have thought about that before doing what he did because I know he won’t be smiling once he receives the consequences of his choices.

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