IOC Tells U.S. Hockey Players To Ditch “Offensive” Image On Helmets, Instantly Regrets It


After telling the U.S. Women’s Hockey team that their goalies needed to remove one “offensive” image from their helmets, the International Olympic Committee is regretting it big time. They should have kept their mouths shut.

Screenshot from YouTube video of U.S. Women’s Hockey team (Photo Credit: YouTube/RT)

According to USA Today, USA Hockey spokesman Dave Fischer said on Tuesday that “discussions are ongoing” between his organization and the IOC after the goalies for the Women’s U.S. Hockey team were told that the Statue of Liberty is “offensive” and will have to be removed from their helmets.

What kind of morons are running the IOC? How on earth is the Statue of Liberty an offensive image? I think there is some serious America hate going on here, and I’m not the only one that feels this way. Apparently, the IOC changed their mind and will allow the two U.S. Women’s Hockey goalies to keep their helmets the way they are — patriotic. They won’t soon forget the amount of backlash they received over the incident.

Goalies Nicole Hensley and Alex Rigsby were initially told that the IOC views the image as a possible violation of its policy against political symbols. The rule from the IOC Guidelines Regarding Authorized Identifications states: “No item may feature the wording or lyrics from national anthems, motivational words, public/political messaging or slogans related to national identity.”

Hensley’s Statue of Liberty image is on the left side of her mask, and Rigsby’s is on her chin. After the news of the IOC’s idiocy went viral on social media, brutal responses from angry viewers had them quickly changing their minds.

Conservative pundit and Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren kicked things off on Twitter with a brutal question for the IOC. “When does the PC madness end?” she wrote.

The responses to Lahren’s tweet told the IOC exactly how American patriots view their bias against us. Twitter user Ramsey Simon brought up one of the best points. Why was this an issue to begin with?

“Looks like they will remain. But that this was even a matter of debate is sickening,” he wrote. Too true Ramsey, this should have never been an issue, but now that America isn’t being led by a globalist hack, the IOC wants to make sure they get a few extra digs in to distract our athletes from doing their best. That’s pretty low.

Another Twitter user named Vet4FutRetns stuck to the Globalist IOC with this comment: “@iocmedia Who does the IOC think they are! They can kiss American TOOKIS… STATUE OF LIBERTY STAYS.. You GLOBALIST can practice politics SOMEWHERE ELSE … US Women’s Hockey RULES….” Well said, Vet4FutRetns, globalists should take their agenda and shove it.

Twitter user Robert joined in with a comment about why he’s boycotting the Olympics. “And it’s exactly this type of BS why “I” am not watching! I’m so sick of others determining OUR patriotism. DemocRATS, Hollywood, libtards and now this? It’s F’n ridiculous!!” he wrote. There are many Americans boycotting the IOC over their bias toward America. Robert isn’t the only one.

Another Twitter user named William A. Watkins agreed with Robert’s boycott. He wrote, “Political image? LOL, I didn’t know one of our landmarks is a political image. WOW! Another reason I don’t watch the Olympics.”

According to Daily Caller, the IOC agreed to let Hensley and Rigsby keep the Statue of Liberty on their helmets just before their game against Russia on Tuesday. So far, they are the only two athletes to be singled out by the IOC because of bias.

Perhaps the IOC needs a complete overhaul of its leadership to ensure that athletes from all countries are treated fairly and without prejudice. I bet the IOC would re-think their definition of “offensive” if the U.S. stopped providing any funding for their operational expenses.

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