Joy Screams Tucker’s Sleazy & Avenatti’s A Hero Defending Stormy, Gets Brutal Surprise


Joy Behar was trashing Fox News host Tucker Carlson after he exposed the left’s beloved “creepy porn lawyer,” Michael Avenatti, who represents Stormy Daniels. Carlson asked one burning question: “Why is your client working in seedy strip clubs, getting stuff thrown at her, while you’re wearing a thousand dollar suit?” Carlson exposed Avenatti’s as the one exploiting Daniels. But, Joy couldn’t handle it, so she bashed Carlson and Fox as “sleazy,” then she got a brutal surprise.

Joy Behar (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The View’s shrews were feigning mock outrage over Tucker Carlson’s interview with Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti. They love the “creepy porn lawyer” and couldn’t stand Carlson actually exposing his hypocrisy. While the creepy porn lawyer has gotten wealthy, with hundreds of interviews on CNN and MSNBC, pretending Daniels is somehow relevant, his client has not.

Nope, she’s still stuck getting dollar bills thrown at her in some of the seediest bars in America while she strips down to her g-string. Tucker was pissed off at Avenatti for exploiting her to launch his new career in politics. Yep, the creepy porn lawyer is toying with a 2020 run for president.

After Joy ranted that Fox News is a “sleaze factory” and called Avenatti a hero defending his client, she then screamed, “And one more thing, [Carlson] says that how can [Avenatti] allow his client to be a porn star and work in these creepy bars exposing herself…first of all, Avenatti has tried to get her to stop that. He’s worried about security, that’s number one. He told me that. And, number two, he’s not exploiting! The woman has a book out, you know, she’s making the tour, ‘Make America Horny Again,’ she’s making money!”

Joy was protesting too much. It’s quite telling that The View decided not to use that part of the interview — when Carlson called out Avenatti’s hypocrisy, how he is enriching himself while Daniels is still rolling around in the mud at seedy bars — when they introduced this segment. And, it’s funny that Joy knows it as she says, “Oh, I don’t think that part was in the clip.”

But, she zeroed in on that one burning question from Carlson because, deep down, big mouth Behar knows it was indefensible. Well, Americans across the country also agree that not only is Avenatti a “creepy porn lawyer,” but he is in effect Stormy Daniels’ pimp.

Social media lit up with the hashtag #CreepyPornLawyer trending. John Mohan tweeted, “#CreepyPornLawyer DESTROYED BY @TuckerCarlson and Exposed As TOTAL FRAUD and LOWLIFE EXPLOITING PIMP @ggreenwald @MSNBC.”

And, of course, Carlson couldn’t help but make sure everyone knew exactly what this scum bag was all about as Twitter user “Jimmy Dive” tweeted, “@TuckerCarlson ‘Tonight as a gesture of goodwill, we will not use that nickname’ LOL For when he gets home and turns on the DVR. #CreepyPornLawyer.”

Twitter user “Kasum” also proved Joy Behar’s beloved lawyer is just a pimp dressed up is shiny thousand dollar suits with this tweet: “#creepypornlawyer with his $4k suits as Stormy Daniels is striping on bars with money being thrown at her. He uses her and throws her away and has the nerve to go after Tucker.”

For those who may not know, Avenatti is a washed-up hack who owes millions in back taxes. That’s why he keeps pimping Stormy out to the media. The Los Angeles Times reported, “A federal bankruptcy judge issued a restraining order … to block the firm of Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, from spending any fees it collects while it owes more than $10 million in unpaid debts and back taxes.”

Tucker Carlson angered the shrews of The View, but especially loudmouth Behar who loves Michael Avenatti. Joy actually thinks the creepy porn lawyer will somehow lead to President Donald Trump’s demise. Well, she got a brutal surprise. Her big hero is nothing but a huckster exploiting a porn star. He hasn’t made her life better, he’s made it much worse. So much for the shrews of The View. They aren’t really feminists — if they were champions of women, Avenatti would disgust them.

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