Kennedy Retires From Supreme Court, Liberals Freak Over Trump’s ‘Scalia-Like’ Nominee


Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy just delivered a whopping blow to the leftists by announcing he is retiring next month. Making matters worse for the liberal losers is President Donald Trump’s “Scalia-like” choice to fill Kennedy’s seat. The explosive news is already causing meltdowns, as the Democrats see potential problems for their agenda, and they are urging liberals do one thing to stop the president. We can’t let that happen.

President Donald Trump (left), Liberal freaking out over Trump victory (right) (Photo Credit: Michael Reynolds/Pool via Bloomberg/Getty, YouTube/Screenshot)

Justice Anthony Kennedy was appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan, which may surprise many people. Kennedy broke ranks with the staunch conservatives on the court, Antonin Scalia,  Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas, many times.

What happened to bring Kennedy to the court is worth remembering now that he is retiring next month. Reagan was hated almost as much as Trump. He had nominated two other judges prior to Kennedy, and both of them ended up having issues getting confirmed as the liberals and mainstream media went nuts.

A Supreme Court justice must be confirmed. We all know about the grueling process which is televised, and you can bet the Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media will be digging for anything to ensure Trump’s first choice gets booted out.

Now, the dark horse in this race is Senator Mike Lee, and he scares the hell out of the liberals. He would be so “Scalia-like” that conservatives are already pushing his name. And, Lee might just be so unimpeachable that many are proposing him as the one guy who will most piss off the liberals but who could get through the process.

The Hill reports, “Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R) said in an interview Wednesday that he ‘would not say no’ if he was asked by President Trump to serve on the Supreme Court as Justice Anthony Kennedy’s replacement.”

“I started watching Supreme Court arguments for fun when I was 10 years old. So, if somebody asked me if I would consider that, I would not say no,” he told reporters, relaying what he would say if Trump asked him to serve. “But the president’s got a decision to make, and I trust his ability to make it and make it well,” he added.

The Daily Caller reports, “Liberal activists and journalists are melting down over Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement from the Supreme Court on Wednesday.”

They add, “Kennedy, who has served as the court’s swing vote for decades, has now opened the door for President Donald Trump to finally give conservatives their long-desired court majority.” Yep, let the meltdown begin:

Liberal tweets in reaction to the retirement of Justice Kennedy. Mary Elizabeth Williams is a writer for the liberal rag “Salon.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

So, Mary Elizabeth Williams, a writer for Salon Magazine, a known liberal rag, sounds like an idiot, tweeting, “My mother couldn’t get a legal abortion and I can’t f*cking believe I have to worry my daughters won’t be able to either.” Of course, she wouldn’t be here if her mother could have gotten a “legal abortion,” and doesn’t it just warm your heart knowing this woman wants to murder her own grandchildren?

Now, the mid-term election takes on new meaning. The Democrats will be up to their dirty tricks, like wrangling as many dead voters all over the country as they can get registered. The leftist meltdown continued on Twitter, with “@dollarstadonuts” tweeting, “VOTE DEMOCRAT IN MID-TERMS! STALL ANY SCOTUS/ALL JUDGE CONFIRMATIONS! F*CK CIVILITY AND RESIST! THEY WANT WAR, GIVE THEM A F*CKING WAR!”

Dustin Lance Black tweeted, “Make no mistake, this is dire news for LGBTQ equality in America. Get ready for the fight of our lives.” The unhinged liberals see this SCOTUS retirement as Armageddon, and as conservatives, we must be the adults in the room, once again.

Steven Crowder tweeted, “Let’s check in to see how Hillary is handling the Justice Kennedy news.” We do need to thank Mrs. Clinton for being such a rancid candidate. With Trump as president, the damage done by Barack Obama is finally fading.

Now will be the race to confirm a new Justice. The Democrats will want to hold out until the mid-terms are over, and their lame argument will be that this is what the GOP pulled to make sure Merrick Garland wasn’t confirmed. The problem with that argument is we were waiting for a presidential election, not a mid-term.

Since it is the president who nominates, a mid-term has no bearing, except in one way for the Democrats. They think if they can take back the Senate and the House they will have the majority to block anyone Trump nominates. All of a sudden, the mid-term elections become more important than before.

All patriots must pass on this vital information to as many people as you can. Don’t give those Trump-haters any chance to stop the great things our president is accomplishing. Now, the Supreme Court is at stake, and we must ensure our children and our grandchildren will live in an America ruled by God, along with traditional values, and a conservative Supreme Court is the way all that can happen.

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