L.A. High School Senior Kills Man Walking Down Street, School Has Disturbing Response


A California teen is in some trouble after he and two of his friends decided to shoot a man who was simply walking down the street. Unfortunately, things would soon get so much worse after his Los Angeles school decided what to do with the high school senior responsible — and their response was downright disturbing.

L.A. High School Senior Kills Man Walking Down Street, School Has Disturbing Response
Cameron Terrell (left), Palos Verdes High School (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/InsomniaMusicGroup, Screenshot/YouTube)

There are some really sick people out there, and that was just proven in Los Angeles, California, as 18-year-old Cameron Terrell was driving around with two of his juvenile friends. Sadly, things would take a horrific turn when they spotted a man, later identified as 21-year-old Justin Holmes, walking down the street.

According to Daily Breeze, the group opened fire on the innocent pedestrian, shooting him several times and executing him for no reason. Police would eventually track down the three people responsible, but not all at once. As it turns out, the two juveniles involved were apprehended and charged on October 13, but Terrell thought he was in the clear.

Too bad for him, that wasn’t the case as his buddies snitched, prompting the 18-year-old to be picked up just 3 days later. Although police don’t believe that Terrell fired the final shot that killed Holmes, they are charging him with murder for his part in the violent and senseless attack.

The crime – which occurred shortly before noon on a Saturday – has drawn particular interest because Terrell is a white teen from a highly affluent suburban area who is suspected in what is believed to be a gang crime involving black teens. [Source: KTLA 5]

The situation has only been made worse by the school which Terrell attends. The thug is actually a senior at the affluent Palos Verdes High School where, even after being officially charged with murder, he still attends.

As one would imagine, parents of other students in the school are outraged to hear that the accused murderer hasn’t yet been suspended for the safety of everyone else in the school. After all, if this guy killed someone simply because he was walking down the street, what other reason could he use to gun down another innocent person? The fact that people are thinking it was a gang-related attack only increased the urgency to have him removed even more.

Terrell did not show up for school Monday, but several parents who want him to stop attending classes on campus did.

Former Manhattan Beach police Chief Rod Uyeda, who has a child attending the school, said he does not feel an adult charged with murder should be allowed in the school’s population of 3,000 students. [Source: KTLA 5]

“I do believe, and I’d like to talk to the principal, that the education code does support his suspension so that he can focus on his studies at home,” says former Manhattan Beach police Chief Rod Uyeda, who has a child that attends the school. Fearing gang activity, he went on to say, “They shoot up funerals. They shoot up schools. They shoot up people’s homes. They really don’t care who they hit.”

At the end of the day, this guy is exactly right. We send children to school under the belief that those in charge will keep them safe. However, this school is choosing to allow someone charged with murder to attend, even though it essentially puts the lives of everyone else in danger.

This guy needs to go. From the sounds of it, Terrell is going to be spending quite a bit of time in prison. What does it matter if he misses a few more days of school? These school officials are putting everyone’s lives at risk not only by ignoring the reason this punk killed someone but by allowing him to mingle with children who he or his fellow gang members could kill at a moment’s notice.

If I were these parents, I’d be demanding the principal and superintendent immediately be replaced. They clearly don’t have the interest of the students in mind.

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