Leftist Teacher Endlessly Taunts Pro-Trump Students, Finds Out What Happens To Bullies


After a leftist biology teacher repeatedly berated and harassed her conservative students in the middle of class, she quickly discovered what happens to bullies.

Leftist Teacher Endlessly Taunts Pro-Trump Students, Finds Out What Happens To Bullies
Principal Amanda Johnson (center-right) is doing damage control after a biology teacher at McNeil High School in Round Rock, Texas, repeatedly harassed several conservative students. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Twitter)

After decades of liberals using our education system as a platform for the post-modern indoctrination, our schools have become factories for churning out far-left ideologues. However, as the economy continues to boom under President Donald Trump’s policies, the young generation, which has only known the suffering of Barack Obama’s economic regression, has suddenly begun taking notice.

Predicted to be our most conservative modern generation yet, these young people are expressing their support for the Trump administration and its pro-American policies. Of course, this political pivot has drawn the ire of the left, especially the fascist elitists charged with educating them.

Just a few weeks into the start of the school year, a far-left biology teacher launched a volatile campaign against her conservative students. According to Fox News, the McNeil High School educator repeatedly singled out the teens in the classroom, castigating and mocking them for their political beliefs. Unfortunately for the teacher, she was soon reminded that the school has a policy against bullying — even when it involves its own employees.

After relentlessly mocking and harassing several of her conservative students, calling them “Trumpies” and singling them out for the class to condemn, multiple pro-Trump students complained to the principal, who in turn suspended the educator and launched an investigation, KHOU reports.

According to one of the student’s mothers, who asked to remain anonymous in order to protect her son’s identity, the AP science teacher incessantly targeted the teens while announcing her absolute hatred for President Trump and all who support him.

“She said, ‘By the way, I hate Donald Trump with a burning passion and he is a complete douchebag’ to a class full of seniors in high school,” said the student’s mom.

The woman’s son immediately became the bullseye for the teacher’s attacks when his classmates glanced at him, looking for a reaction since he had previously expressed support for Trump’s tax bill.

“She looked over and she said, ‘Oh, it seems like I have a table full of Trumpies over there.’”

“I’m not sure why she was that angry. Then she continued to call my son ‘Trumpy’ as opposed to his name,” the mother said. “If she had a question, she said ‘Hey, Trumpy, do you have an answer to this,’ or, ‘What do you think, Trumpy?’”

Several students confirmed to the principal that the harassment was a daily occurrence and that the teacher’s political tirades soon branched out to other aspects of personal belief.

At the end of the class, the mother said the teacher told her son one last insult in front of the class. The mother reported the teacher said, “Now, you’re not going to fight me when we start talking about evolution, are you?”

Too humiliated to return to class, the student changed his class schedule in order to avoid any further attack in her classroom.

“He was embarrassed. She completely undermined him, his intelligence, his belief and his opinions. All of this should stay out of the classroom,” his mother told KVUE.

Finally, the boy’s parents filed a formal complaint against the school, prompting a full-scale investigation into the matter. School district officials confirmed that the educator was removed from her teaching position just days after the latest incident while they investigate. However, the parents understandably want the teacher permanently removed, citing her inability to separate her personal bias from her job.

“Politics should stay out of the classroom, period,” the mom said.

District spokeswoman Jenny LaCoste-Caputo told Fox News that the educator in question was removed from the classroom after they discovered the “political discussion” had occurred in the biology class.

“In Round Rock ISD, our goal is to create a classroom environment where students feel safe and respected,” LaCoste-Caputo said in a statement. “The teacher was removed from the classroom, pending review, and remains on administrative leave as appropriate action is considered.”

Although the teacher is not allowed to work with students, she is still getting paid while on administrative leave. Fortunately, the parents of the victims are fighting to change this.

The education system has proven that its purpose is to produce leftist ideologues and shut down free thought. We must teach our children to oppose this indoctrination and stand up for their right to not only express themselves but to do so without fear of harassment.

While this teacher probably thinks that she is defeating conservativism with her derisive attacks, what she doesn’t realize is that she most likely emboldening these young people to fight even harder against the leftist agenda.

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