Liberal Mayor Adds Something ‘Extra’ To Nativity Scene, Angry Locals Make Him Regret It


Instead of allowing the traditional Nativity display, a progressive liberal mayor decided to add something disturbing to Jesus’ birth. However, as soon as citizens saw the sick item that he included, they soon made him regret his disgusting move.

Liberal Mayor Adds Something 'Extra' To Nativity Scene, Angry Locals Make Him Regret It
After adding something disturbing to the town’s Nativity scene, Mayor Stephan Sermenghi (right) encountered the wrath of locals. (Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Despite the majority of Westerners identifying as Christian, the left demands that our exceptional tolerance extends to the most intolerant cultures and ideologies. Of course, these aggressive cultures don’t want tolerance and respect but to dominate and eradicate all others.

As the so-called refugee crisis continues to rage, liberals require that the Christian majority either include Islam in their every religious event or refrain from such festivities for fear of insulting the tiny Muslim minority. Of course, this demand is never made of the Muslim community, despite its countless Islamic holidays, festivals, and religious compulsions.

When liberal Mayor Stefano Sermenghi, who governs the Italian town of Castenaso, was granted the esteemed privilege of erecting this year’s Nativity scene, he decided to add a disgusting political and religious element to the Christian tradition. In an offensively sacrilegious move, Sermenghi placed the life-size wooden figures of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in a migrant dinghy like the thousands of inflatable rafts that Muslim illegals use to infiltrate Italy on monthly basis, Breitbart reports.

Expectedly, the town of mostly Christian citizens was outraged not only that Sermenghi politicized one of the most sacred aspects of their religion but made a blatant attempt to whitewash the truth behind the revered biblical couple’s reason for trekking to Bethlehem, which has nothing to do with refugees or immigration. Unfortunately for Sermenghi, he messed with the wrong group of Christians.

Despite his bid to unite both liberal immigration activists and Christian conservatives, Sermenghi accidentally enraged both his supporters and conservatives, as he watches his popularity and chance of reelection plummet. For interfering with the Nativity display, the mayor likely ruined his opportunity for another term in office since the town is leading a campaign against him with an esteemed bishop at the forefront of the protest.

Liberal Mayor Adds Something 'Extra' To Nativity Scene, Angry Locals Make Him Regret It
Sermenghi just ruined his chances of re-election after sacrilegiously politicizing the Nativity by placing the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in a Muslim migrant dinghy, as he faces a campaign against him led by an esteemed Bishop. (Photo credit: Screenshot)

Local citizens across the political spectrum have inundated social media with complaints about Sermenghi’s progressive display.

“The latest idiocy from a mayor who no longer knows what to invent to draw attention to his crappy little party,” writes one Marco, referring to the mayor’s center-left Democratic party.

Another, identified as Paolo, asks why “the dear mayor Sermenghi didn’t put a nice basket of money in the place of the rubber raft to offer something besides pretty words to those poor artisans and businesspeople who have been beaten down by the crisis and especially by the taxes that his government has doubled?”

According to Italian newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, Bishop Ernesto Vecchi of Bologna slammed the mayor’s decision to involve politics in a holy Christian display, adding that Sermenghi had overstepped his authority.

“The central core of a nativity scene calls for a child in swaddling clothes lying in a manger, and this must be respected,” the bishop said. “The most important part of the crib cannot be represented by a boat.”

Mayor Sermenghi tried to explain that he merely hoped to bring attention to the need for Christian charity regarding the migrant issue. However, he ironically pointed out his own passive and useless activism by blaming others for pretending to care about the refugee crisis while doing little to solve it.

“We have been setting up a Nativity scene for the last fifteen years,” the mayor said, “and this time we wanted to underscore the problem related to the acceptance of migrants. Many people in Italy open their mouths, but then nobody does anything to provide a positive welcome to those who arrive,” he said.

Bishop Vechhi reiterated that while Sermenghi may have innocently wanted to bring attention to the migrant issue, his excuses have fallen flat.

“I’m not saying a crèche cannot be enriched by other elements, and certainly, a boat is a symbol that reminds us of the need for hospitality,but don’t forget that Jesus is the savior of every problem, not just one.” he said.

“Jesus in the manger is the sign of God who was rich and became poor for us, that Christ died on the cross for us and his resurrection is also ours,” the bishop added. “The intentions were good but woe to us if we distort the image of the manger scene,” the bishop concluded.

Of course, Mayor Sermenghi hoped to twist the Bible’s scriptures to justify his liberal policies. Like many ignorant leftists, he likely intends to falsify that Mary and Joseph were refugees who migrated to Bethlehem, making Jesus a second-generation refugee child. However, this is far from the truth.

The Bible explicitly teaches that Joseph transported the pregnant Virgin Mary by donkey from Nazareth in Galilee to Bethlehem in Judea because they were following the law, not breaking it by illegally immigrating or even lawfully seeking refuge. At the orders of Caesar Augustus, every household was to return to their place of origin to be registered with the Roman Census. Since Joseph was a descendant of David, he was required to travel to Bethlehem with his expectant wife, which he did. Since the city was filled with travelers for the Census, Joseph and Mary were offered a resting place in a stable, which is where she gave birth to the Christ.

As disturbing as it is that liberals have no problem offending Christians by mocking their religion, it’s even more appalling that this mayor would attempt to spin the Bible’s teachings to support his leftist agenda.

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