Liberals Hate On Denver Victim Who Didn’t “Warn” Intruder Before Delivering Brutal Justice


Liberals on social media are hating on a Denver man who was recently confronted by a lowlife thug who broke into his home as he slept. Unfortunately for the intruder, the man he decided to victimize was an off-duty Denver cop and wasn’t about to give him a “warning” before delivering brutal instant justice.

Screenshot of interview footage with Littleton Police Department Spokesman Rick Redmond (Photo Credit: CBS4)

According to local news source Denver7, a shocking home invasion took place just after 4 p.m. on Friday, November 10, 2017, in the 6200 block of South Spotswood Street in Littleton, Colorado. Police said that they responded to a call from an off-duty Denver policeman who had just confronted an intruder in his home. The would-be robber could not have chosen a worse home to break into.

A spokesperson for the Littleton Police Department told Denver7′s Jaclyn Allen that the intruder broke into the off-duty officer’s home as he was sleeping in a basement room. When the homeowner awakened to the sound of the thug in his house, he got out of bed to investigate.

As he neared the base of the stairs, the homeowner was confronted by the intruder, who was standing at the top of the staircase. That would be the last time this thug ever victimized an innocent person. The suspect was declared dead as a doornail at a nearby hospital a short time later.

According to police, the homeowner shot the intruder and then called 911. When the officers arrived, they looked for a possible second suspect but did not find anyone. News of the shooting and possible second suspect quickly spread through the neighborhood.

Richard Sisneros, one neighbor who lives just down the street and was interviewed by Denver7, said, “Just want to make sure there is not somebody around we’ve got to worry about.” Sisneros added, “We’ve  got a house full of kids for a birthday party tonight, so this is a little wild.”

Rick Redmond, who works for the Littleton Police Department, explained, “When the person had broken into the residence, the homeowner got up, he encountered the suspect at the top of the stairwell and then he ended up shooting him.” Police would only describe the suspect as a 40-50-year-old male.

This homeowner did the right thing. He found an intruder in his home and didn’t hesitate to take out the trash. However, liberal hand-wringers on social media immediately started hating on the off-duty cop for shooting the intruder.

Some even suggested that the officer had a responsibility to find out why the man was in his home before taking his life. Others went as far as to say that the homeowner had no right to shoot the thug just to protect “his stuff.” Sometimes, I wonder why there are so many stupid people in our country after taking a look at a few of the haters’ comments on Facebook.

One Facebook user named Jake Trumble, who was apparently unhappy with people for cheering on the homeowner, said, “Hopefully, in this case, the victim was actually guilty. The article clearly says suspected burglary and everyone is like cool I’d kill him too! Were you there? Could have been a mentally ill person who thought it was his house, those things happen. You all enjoy death tho (sic) clearly by your comments, correct you have a right to protect your home but every time an article like this pops up the reaction is the same.”

Well, Jake, if I were a cop and someone broke into my home, I wouldn’t ask questions about the person’s mental health. I’d shoot first and ask questions later. How did the cop know this wasn’t someone he had arrested in the past coming to hunt him down? A split second to attempt to determine an uninvited intruder’s intentions could be the difference between life and death, and it’s not morally superior to expect this of innocent homeowners who find unwanted visitors in their home in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, Jake was far from alone in his misguided sentiments. Another user named Cindy Clippinger Sweatt said, “So he takes a human life because of his ‘stuff.’” How dense can people be? I wonder how Cindy would feel if it were her home that was broken into while she was home. Would she shoot first if her life and the lives of her loved ones were in danger? Perhaps Cindy would attempt to have a rational conversation with the intruder before offering him/her some refreshments.

This shooting wasn’t about “stuff,” but that is the liberal argument. How could this off-duty cop’s life possibly have been in danger, they ask? After all, policemen are never attacked in our country just for being cops. Right, Cindy? Furthermore, why would a criminal victimize an innocent person over “stuff.” Apparently, they don’t pay attention to the news at all.

There never seems to be a shortage of idiots on social media. They want to pass judgment on home invasion victims who protect themselves and their property without having a clue as to what it’s like to experience something like that. The truth of the matter here is that, once again, an armed homeowner took out the trash, and rightfully so. This homeowner deserves a medal and a round of applause from taxpayers who won’t have to provide free room and board to another violent thug prisoner.

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