Louisiana Politician Grabs A Wish From Angel Tree, Stunned To See Child’s 2-Word Request


A politician from New Orleans, Louisiana, grabbed a wish from an Angel Tree, hoping to make at least one kid’s Christmas merry and bright. However, after randomly grabbing one of the wishes this year and taking a closer look, he was left completely heartbroken over the child’s stunning 2-word request.

Louisiana Politician Grabs A Wish From Angel Tree, Stunned To See Child's 2-Word Request
Jay Banks (left), the angel tree request (center), an angel tree (right) (Photo Credit: Jay H. Banks/Facebook, JBLE)

Every year, New Orleans City Councilman-elect Jay Banks tries to give back to someone in need during the holiday season. This year, he was working with the annual Angel Tree program at the YMCA when he decided to grab a random wish to fulfill. However, when he opened the fourth-grade student’s wish, he was left saddened to see one of the child’s 2-word requests. Not only did the kid need new shoes, and the youngster had also, sadly, requested a “happier life.”

“Put this in context, a 4th grade child has the opportunity to ask for what he wants for Christmas and this is what he asks for,” Banks wrote in an emotional Facebook post, according to Pix 11. “A new bike, an xbox, other toys or a multitude of other things would not have surprised nor alarmed me but for a 4th grader to ask for a happier life is heart wrenching.”

Although we’ve all felt sad at some point in our lives, it was highly unlikely that when we were in just the fourth grade that we’d be wishing for a “happier life” when asked what we wanted for Christmas. As Banks explained, although he can’t remember much about the fourth grade when he was a child, he does know he “wasn’t wishing for a happier life” for Christmas.

“I don’t specifically remember much about the 4th grade but I do know I wasn’t wishing for a happier life,” he stated in the Facebook post. “My thoughts are; what is this child going through; how many other children like him are going through the same things; how can I help; why did I have pull this one?” He continued, “I’m perplexed and don’t know what to do.”

This has to be one of the most frustrating things I have ever seen. We host an Angel Tree every year and I randomly…

Posted by Jay H. Banks on Monday, December 4, 2017

The post drew a flood of comments, with many people offering support in many different forms. “That is heart wrenching…Kids should not be goin thru what they are goin thru these days, They are not adults and should be HAPPY,” one social media user wrote, while another stated, “This makes my heart cry for this child he is very Wise at an early age. Maybe you can start a mentorship program. I’m sure you’re already doing that. God Bless You.”

Another person recommended, “I’d start by getting him the shoes he asked for and then sit down with him to listen to his story and offer policy recommendations based on his testimony.” However, one person said it best by stating, “God is speaking through this child. Your influence, power and character is a good start. My prayers are with you.”

Generally, the Angel Tree donations are meant to be given anonymously, but clearly, this child is in need of mentorship. With a little bit of determination, there’s no doubt in my mind that Banks will be able to step in and help this young child. No one wants to see a child sad, so there’s got to be a way for someone to intervene.

Everything happens for a reason, and it seems to me that Banks was given the opportunity to step in and help someone more than he could have ever imagined. God obviously has a plan and wants Banks in this child’s life, and perhaps, this is the beginning of a long “happy life.” This should remind us all to keep our eyes open this holiday season and step up to help someone who might be a little depressed — even with something as simple as a smile.

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