Man Finds Naked Newborn On Sidewalk, Sickened When He Sees What’s Crawling Over Tiny Body


Man Finds Naked Newborn On The Sidewalk, Sickened Over What She Was Covered In
The scene of the crime and stock photo of a crying baby (inset) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/KHOU, Ernest F/WikiCommons)

A man was walking outside of an apartment complex in Houston, Texas when he suddenly heard a noise that sounded like a crying baby. As he walked closer to the sound, he was stunned to realize that it was a naked newborn left abandoned and alone on the sidewalk. However, when he saw what was crawling over the helpless infant’s tiny body, he was absolutely sickened and immediately calling 911.

At 5:30 a.m., Albert Peterson was walking around his apartment complex when he suddenly heard a sound that resembled the cry of a baby. Just to be sure, he decided to follow the noise and was left in disbelief over what he saw.

“I heard some crying and whining and crying, and I kept walking until I got closer to the noise, and then I look at the ground and there was a baby down there,” Albert explained, according to KHOU. “She had the mucus and the blood and umbilical cord and everything,” Peterson told the news station. “That’s just sad, for a human being to do another human being like that.”

However, mucus and blood weren’t the only things that the baby was covered in. The baby girl, who was less than an hour old and still had her umbilical cord attached, was infested with ants, crawling all over the newborn’s little body. Albert immediately scooped up the baby and called 911 for help. After deputies arrived, they realized that if Albert “had not found the baby, officials would probably be investigating a homicide,” according to Fox 8. By the grace of God, he had saved this baby’s life.

Thankfully, the baby is expected to be alright. Her 21-year-old mother, who has not been named, is currently in custody and undergoing medical and psychological evaluations. In addition, a male, who had been living in the mother’s home, was also taken into custody. Officials have since announced that they hope to place the baby girl with a family member. However, if that’s not possible, the child will be placed into foster care. Regardless, any home is better than being in her mother’s care.

Some mothers suffer from something known as postpartum depression, a type of depression suffered by a mother following childbirth, typically arising from the combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood, and fatigue. A mother with this type of depression may have negative feelings toward the baby or even think about harming the baby, and it can escalate to postpartum psychosis. However, it usually takes some time for this sort of depression to set in after birth, so it’s much more likely this mother never wanted the child in the first place.

Whatever the motive, abandonment is never acceptable. With Safe Haven laws, which essentially allow parents to drop off unwanted newborns without consequences as long as the child is taken to a designated place that is safe, there is simply no excuse for such neglect, irresponsibility, and evil. There are many people who would gladly have taken this baby into their home and loved and cared for it, some of which can’t have children of their own.

The book needs to be thrown at this “mother.” Maybe if we started making an example out of people like this, others would stop making the same sickening decision. After all, the news is inundated with horror stories of abandoned and murdered infants birthed by young mothers, and it’s time to say enough is enough.

Isn’t it the left who has always said legalized abortion would prevent such tragedy? If anything, it seems to have encouraged it, blurring the lines of what is murder. Babies should be treated like the blessings that they are from the very moment they enter the world and definitely shouldn’t be left on a sidewalk like garbage. This is a product of devaluing life, and it’s sad that there are so many stories out there just like this one.

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