Man Snaps Pic Of ‘Near-Death Experience,’ Viewers Stunned By What Else It Captured


Man Snaps Pic Of 'Near-Death Experience,' Viewers Stunned By What Else It Caught
Steve Montgomery (left), the stunning photo (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/MyFox8)

A man from Imperial, Missouri, was driving down the road when something smashed through his windshield and nearly killed him. The “near-death experience” left the man completely shaken, but once he shared the photo he snapped of the scene, viewers were left stunned by what else it had captured.

Steve Montgomery was driving on Interstate 55 around 8:15 p.m. when the near-death incident occurred. As he was driving, he noticed something that resembled a pipe rolling down the road, which was later determined to be a drive shaft. Unfortunately, a tow truck hit the drive shaft and sent it flying towards Steve’s truck, where it went straight through his windshield, directly toward his face.

“It shot it out in the air, it was just flipping and flipping and flipping…like somebody grabbed it out of the air…its just like (they) just took it and speared it into the truck,” Steve explained, according to My Fox 8. “I couldn’t actually sit up because the drive shaft was right where my face was…I shouldn’t even be here talking to you.” Luckily, Steve was able to duck in just the nick of time, saving himself from being struck by the drive shaft.

Man Snaps Pic Of 'Near-Death Experience,' Viewers Stunned By What Else It Caught
Another view of the drive shaft through the windshield (Photo Credit: Screengrab/MyFox8)

Although he couldn’t see around the object, he was able to pull over safely. Once he got out of his truck and saw exactly what had happened, he was left stunned, realizing just how lucky he was to be alive. In disbelief, he immediately took a picture to document the incident and would only later see what else he had captured.

The photo that Steve believes captured the angel that drove his truck, keeping him safe. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/MyFox8)

Seen in the background of the picture was an unusual “V-shaped” cloud. “I think an angel was driving the truck,” Steve said. “When I was down and I couldn’t see the highway to keep it (his truck) in the road, somebody else was driving that truck.” Given the circumstances of the incident, it certainly does seem that Steve had a guardian angel watching over him.

Maggie Rothney, a witness who was driving the car behind Steve when the “near-death experience” occurred, was completely shocked by what she saw and the outcome of the entire ordeal. “I don’t know how he maintained composure, but he did not hit a car on either side of him,” she recalled, according to KMOV. “He was able to get to the side of the road.”

Although the object in the photo appears to just be some clouds, one thing is for certain, someone was looking out for Steve. Not only did he manage to avoid getting his head smashed in by mere few inches, but he was able to get his vehicle to safety without being able to see anything past the drive shaft and broken glass. Some may call it luck, but there were far too many miracles wrapped into this one terrifying incident for that to be true. A higher power was looking out for him that day, and the story gives all new meaning to “Jesus take the wheel.”

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