Maniac Vegans Go After Your Steak! You Won’t Believe What They’re Saying Now.


Most of us live for the simple pleasures in life. A quiet evening at home, a beer at the end of the day, or perhaps, for many Americans, a delicious steak dinner. Few can resist the pleasure of enjoying a thick juicy piece of beef. However, a new report by a radical liberal vegan has attacked this basic protein provider. What she’s saying is so unreal, you’ll find it hard to believe.

A miserable-looking man protests meat. A delicious Beef Shoulder Filet with Peppercorn rub and Marinade. (Photo Credit: Alisdare Hickson/FlickrTheBusyBrain/Flickr)

One of the worst things about liberals is that they politicize everything. Because of the spiritual vacuum in their lives, they make politics their idol. From music to clothing to social events, anything and everything is a reason to push their views. This is doubly true about the food you buy and consume.

Many of you might be aware of the environmental attack on red meat. Climate alarmists claim that the raising of cows is bad for the earth. They attempt to end the eating of meat by claiming cows emit harmful gases. Ironic, considering the gases coming out of liberals are far worse.

But, there is a new way vegan activists are attacking this delicious staple. According to a new report released by Penn State, eating meat promotes toxic masculinity! That’s right, that cheeseburger you had yesterday is going to turn you into a sexist. And, that T-bone you were waiting to enjoy on your birthday? That is going to perpetuate the enslavement of women around the world.

Funny how that all connects.

An academic journal has published an article by a Ph.D. candidate at Pennsylvania State University that argues eating meat maintains a society where “hegemonic masculinity” is the norm.

Anne DeLessio-Parson, whose article was published in Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, based her research on Argentina’s “meat-centric” culture.

“I contend that in such a context, we cannot separate the ways people ‘do vegetarianism’ from how they ‘do gender,’” Anne DeLessio-Parson wrote. “Doing vegetarianism in interactions drives social change, contributing to the de-linking of meat from gender hegemony and revealing the resisting and reworking of gender in food spaces.” [Source: Fox News]

If that last sentence has you confused, don’t be upset. Liberal intellectuals love to hide behind nonsense jargon like that. They think that if they make their arguments sound confusing enough, we’ll just believe them.

That’s how dumb they think we are.

The truth is, red meat has always been associated with manliness. Why? Because men love eating steaks. They are hearty, full of protein and fat (needed to build those manly muscles), oh and they taste delicious. But, instead of this feminist attacking steak on a cultural basis, she is trying to sound scientific.

However, there are no chemical or medical facts to back her claims. She simply is looking at the vegetarian diet of Argentinians. That’s hardly solid proof that eating meat leads to sexism.

DeLessio-Parson theorizes that being a vegetarian in the South American nation is a political act that contributes to the destabilization of the gender binary, or the view that there are only two sexes, masculine and feminine.

“[V]egetarians defy attempts to hold them accountable to gendered social expectations,” she wrote. “Women, for example, assert authority over their diets; men embody rejection of the meat-masculinity nexus by adopting a worldview that also rejects sexism and racism.” [Source: Fox News]

Wow. If there’s ever been a more ridiculous statement, I haven’t heard it! This maniac liberal claims that cutting red meat from your diet — and eating like a bird — leads to “social change.” She is trying to find a correlation between being malnourished and having liberal politics. Maybe she’s onto something.

Most likely, she’s just trying to find a new way to undermine the meat industry. Liberals consistently attack industries they consider dangerous. Instead of openly admitting that fact, they invent new arguments to scare people. This time, though, I don’t think she’s going to be successful.

After all, I doubt there are many Americans who want this country to be more like Argentina.

Trying to take steak away from red-blooded Americans? In the words of the immortal Charlton Heston, “You’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands!”

There might be another reason feminists are attacking meat. It turns out a vegetarian diet rich in soy has lead to low testosterone in men.

The health detriments of soy consumption are reiterated in a new study out of the University of Connecticut that highlights the importance of avoiding soy at all costs. Researchers from the school found that men who consume soy protein rather than whey protein for muscle recovery and growth experience considerable reductions in their testosterone levels, as well as marked increases in levels of the stress hormone cortisol. [Source: Natural News]

These men are more likely to have trouble coping with stress and are less assertive and masculine. Ding, ding, ding! We’ve found the real reason! Liberal feminists want to weaken all us “macho” guys, hoping we ditch the burgers for tofu. In a couple of years, they’ll have a society of wimpy, beta men who can’t stand up for themselves — or stand up at all.

What do you think? Are you going to let a feminist take away your red meat? What is your favorite cut of steak? Let us know what you think. Did this “study” make you laugh? Perhaps your friends will find it hilarious as well. Don’t forget to share it!

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