McDonald’s Employee Argues With She-Thug Over McNuggets, Gets Horrific Surprise


A shocking video has emerged out of Indiana, where Mcdonald’s employees were left horrified after a combat-ready she-thug decided to go full rage-monster over chicken McNuggets, which she felt entitled to receive. Now, the clip has gone viral after an employee tried to argue with the woman and got a horrific surprise.

Screenshot from live video footage (background), suspect attacking McDonald’s manager (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/Trending24x7)

According to Yahoo News, the incident took place at approximately 11:36 p.m. on Thursday, November 9, 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Things went horribly wrong when a manager at the McDonald’s located in the 1600 block of North Meridian Street showed a drive-thru customer her receipt for an order of four chicken McNuggets, not ten.

The manager politely explained to the customer that she would have to get back in line if she wanted to place another order. This was more than the entitled she-thug could bear. For one Indiana degenerate and her passenger, it was time to get savage.

The driver of the car behind the irate women decided to record the shocking event and share it with all her friends on Facebook. As the clip begins, the women began honking their horn and hitting the glass of the drive-thru window. Sadly, this kind of behavior has become far too common. These women weren’t entitled to make everyone behind them continue to wait even longer for their food simply because they didn’t place their order correctly, but that didn’t matter. What happened next was truly shocking.

The two women climbed out of the driver’s side window of their vehicle and into the drive-thru window. The criminal behavior of these two degenerates deserves lengthy prison sentences. They ferociously attacked the manager, who gave them the bad news about the chicken McNuggets for nearly a minute as Monique Hernandez-McNeely, the driver behind them in the drive-thru, recorded it all.

The graphic video shared by Hernandez-McNeely included the following statement, “So I stopped for coffee and I’m happy I did. I just recorded this HOT-mess in the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Yes, they jumped thru the windows!!!!!”

After the shocking incident, Hernandez-McNeely was interviewed by a local news station. “It was a little bit disturbing at first but I knew that if I got it on video that I would be able to help the individuals inside the McDonald’s,” she told Fox59. She was right. When Indianapolis police arrived on the scene, a copy of the video footage taken by Hernandez-McNeely was given to them along with the suspect’s license plate number.

Shockingly, it wasn’t long before all the snowflakes on social media were trashing Hernandez-McNeely for posting the video of the two black women attacking the McDonald’s employees. Many tried to fault her for some perceived racist motivation in posting the video. Hernandez McNeely fired back at all the haters with one epic comment:

“People. I’m Mexican. This wasn’t about race. This was about me filming and posting it to my family and I posted public but I’m taking it away now. The manager and staff were black and on the phone with the police already I turned over my videos and a screenshot to the manager and police as I feel like these girls should be caught. The point of this is that no one was hurt. I would have not lol if that were the case. I’m a good person and while I don’t feel I need to defend myself, I feel it necessary for everyone to know that no one was hurt, I did the right thing and this post was only for my friends and family and it was shared. Thanks!”

In my opinion, Hernandez-McNeely did a great service to the employees of that restaurant as well as the police. Now, the two she-thugs can be tracked down and arrested for their criminal behavior. The shouldn’t get away with brutalizing innocent people over chicken McNuggets or any other reason.

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