Mom’s Face Says It All The Moment She Laid Eyes On What She Just Gave Birth To


Photos from a Georgia hospital are now going viral after capturing the moment when new life was recently brought into the world. The series of images come with a bit of a twist as the mother’s expression isn’t exactly what you would expect – and it all happened after she laid eyes on what she had just given birth to, and her face says it all.

Dara Crouch and her husband had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their family’s newest addition for 9 long months. The two had decided to hold off on determining the gender and let it be a surprise for when the time came.

However, when that day finally arrived, nothing would prepare them for what was about to happen. According to Mail Online, Dara gave birth on April 25 to a beautiful baby boy, but the look on mom’s face shows there’s a bit more to this story.

SEE IT: Mom’s Face Says It All The Moment She Laid Eyes On What She Just Gave Birth To
Dara Crouch

As it turns out, Dara’s entire family had actually gone half a century (50 years) without the birth of a boy. In fact, even Dara thought she was fated to continue her family’s all-female legacy as even she had previously had a girl of her own.

Fortunately, that was not the case this time as the family was able to get everything they wanted – and the best part comes as a photographer was there to capture every perfect moment. Come to find out, the woman behind the lens was Neely Ker-Fox of Ker-Fox Photography who, even though she’s been at it for 6 years, said that this was an incredibly unique moment.

SEE IT: Mom’s Face Says It All The Moment She Laid Eyes On What She Just Gave Birth To
Dara Crouch

“In my over 100 births I’ve photographed, I see all kinds of reactions. Some of the most heart-warming, soul-stirring, tear-filled moments,” she said. “But when Dara looked over at me, and I captured this reaction knowing the innocent and very real worries we have when our second child comes into the world (boy or girl), I busted into tears behind the camera. All of that anxiety and worry vanished in (the) blink of an eye. And no matter what we have, the love we have for our kids is instantaneous and overwhelms every cell in our bodies.”

Dana’s face just about says it all when it comes to what she and her husband had experienced leading up to that exact moment. “My husband thought from the beginning that it was a boy. I was not so convinced. I had this weird connection to my daughter’s clothes, and since their birthdays would only be three weeks apart, I knew I could reuse them,” Dara told POPSUGAR. “It never really set in that this baby could be a boy until just a few minutes before he was born. I started freaking out because I had never been around a little boy and didn’t know much about raising one. When my midwife, Melissa, held him up, I was in complete shock! It was a boy, and I lost it! I was so excited, and so in love! I couldn’t imagine it being any other way!”

Anyone that has gone through the process of bringing new life into the world will tell you that it is an incredible and life changing moment. However, to break 50 years worth of tradition that was totally out of your control and ultimately end up with exactly what you wanted, well, there’s no way that words are enough – and that’s exactly where Dara’s pictures come in.

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