Muslim Stabs Breastfeeding Wife 50 Times, Then Reveals What ‘Allah’ Told Him About Her


Stock photo of a mother breastfeeding her infant (left), Maged Al-Harazi, 36 (right) (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/USDA, ACT Supreme Court)

On March 17, 2015, migrant Maged Al-Harazi stabbed his wife 50 times as she breastfed their 10-month-old son. Al-Harazi has been sentenced to 30 years behind bars for the gruesome murder, but he attempted to justify his heinous act during sentencing, claiming that he had a “vision from Allah,” who revealed something compromising about her.

Al-Harazi was found guilty earlier this year of stabbing Sabah Al-Mdwali, 28, in the bedroom of their home in Australia. The couple had been arguing over where the family should live; she wanted to remain in Austalia, near her family, while he wanted to return to Yemen. Al-Harazi decided to settle the dispute the traditional Islamic way, by slaughtering his wife, the mother of his three children.

Al-Mdwali was nursing her infant when Al-Harazi stabbed her about 20 times before she rolled over. Then, he went on to knife her in the back about 30 more times as she lay motionless. “The continued stabbing when she was alive is a serious matter because of the pain and terror it would have cause[d] Ms. Al-Mdwali until she lost consciousness and, ultimately, her life,” Justice Refshauge said, according to The Canberra Times. “The attack was ferocious, sustained, and extensive.”

The couple’s two older children were also inside the house at the time, and their daughter saw her father with a knife and blood on his shirt. Her testimony, along with her brother’s, would ultimately help put their father in prison. However, even after he was convicted of murdering his wife, Al-Harazi continued to maintain his innocence. Even more sickening, he attempted to paint his slain wife as a promiscuous adulteress by telling the court during his sentencing that she had been cheating on him. He knew this, apparently, because Allah had told him so.

At one point in sentencing, Al-Harazi told the court that after Ms. Al-Mdwali was dead, he had a “vision from Allah,” telling him his wife had been cheating on him.

He said if she had cheated on him she deserved to die. [Source: ABC]

Justice Refshauge called Al-Harazi’s evidence of his wife’s alleged affair “strange” and said it showed a “lack of remorse.”

A statement from Al-Mdwali’s brother Salah said Al-Harazi had “stolen everything” from her. “No sentence that was handed down today will bring Sabah back,” he said. “We will never be able to forgive this man for the horrible and shameful acts he has committed.”

Salah said that hearing the gruesome details of his sister’s murder during Al-Harazi’s trial was something no family should have to go through. “Sabah was a beautiful person. She had such warmth and was a caring woman and mother who loved her children,” he said. “We will always cherish our loving memories of Sabah and our time together. Mr. [Al-Harazi] will never steal those memories from us.”

Al-Harazi will not be eligible for parole until 2036. When he is released, he will likely be deported to Yemen. Until then, the Australian taxpayers will be footing the bill for him to be housed and fed in their prison system for the coming decades. It is a tragic situation all around, to be sure, and it could have been avoided had liberal politicians not insisted on doing the “politically correct” thing by allowing this radical Muslim man into their country in the first place. When will they learn?

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