Muslim Tries To Impress Friends With Mad Machine Gun Skills, Gets Horrific Surprise


Iraqi Army allied tribal fighters (Photo: YouTube)

Shocking video footage coming out of Iraq shows what happens when one “gifted” Muslim fighter tried to impress is buddies with his mad machine gun skills on a very heavy piece of weaponry. Watch as his dreams of being the ultimate warrior disappear as he gets a horrific surprise instead of the admiration he was expecting.

According to Fox News, the Pentagon has recently admitted to losing track of $6.5 trillion taxpayer dollars and no seems to know where it went. Well, it looks like we might have found some of it in Iraq in the form of heavy artillery and ammunition after a clip out of the region recently went viral.

According to the video posted on LiveLeak, the cool guy shouting in Arabic is allegedly a fighter for “an Iraqi Army allied tribal brigade,” but it quickly becomes obvious that he didn’t quite have the necessary machine gun skills to handle the beast that he tried to fire in front of his comrades.

The fighter, seen in the clip, fires off one test round before he really grows a pair and goes for a burst of consecutive rounds. That is when the unthinkable happens and the entire artillery piece flips over on the guy.

Everybody has a bad day at work for sure, but this guy, if he lived through this, won’t hear the end of it from his now gun-shy buddies for years to come. Let’s face it, some people like this moron aren’t cut out for military service or more specifically military service that requires you to handle a weapon.

After watching the crazy footage, it looks as if the Iraqi Army is going to be minus one heavy piece of artillery and maybe even a couple soldiers. The video ends with people scattering in every direction and more yelling.

You can’t really blame all of the bystanders for taking off like they did. One stray bullet from this monster gun and it could really give a whole new meaning to decapitation.

Perhaps they should send this guy to fight for the opposing side and just let him thin out the herd with his new machine gun trick. Whatever the reason was for the tremendous screw-up, we’re glad someone was able to record and upload it to the web for our enjoyment.

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