Muslims Demand Prison For Teacher After Student’s Hijab Pulled, There’s Just One Problem


After a teen’s hijab was pulled off her head at a Tennessee high school, the girl’s teacher was immediately suspended as her community incessantly demands a prison sentence. However, just when the mainstream media had everyone against the teacher, a major detail arose that changes everything.

Muslims Demand Prison For Teacher After Student's Hijab Pulled, There's Just One Problem
As the mainstream media and Muslim community seek to destroy a teacher over a recording of students pulling off a girl’s hijab, some viewers noticed a crucial detail that most missed. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Muslims who are living free from Sharia law’s oppression and brutality in the West are the loudest decriers of alleged hate crimes. While many of these accusations turn out to be either faked or committed by other Muslims, the mainstream media always takes the bait in order to purvey the incessant special interest minority as perpetual victims.

In November 2017, the media seized the opportunity to paint Muslims as vulnerable and victimized after a short clip of a Muslim teen allegedly having her hijab forcibly removed and her hair exposed was uploaded to Snapchat by the student’s teacher. As the media hoped, enraged viewers quickly latched on to the intentionally misleading title, demanding the teacher’s immediate removal and even hate crime charges, which could result in a prison sentence. However, after closely reviewing the recording, there are several crucial details the left-leaning media has been caught hiding.

After WSMV reported that a teacher at Nashville’s New Vision Academy school was suspended after posting a video of a girl’s hijab being taken off, further speculation reveals that not only was it actually the girl’s classmates who removed her headscarf without any resistance, but one of the participating teens is possibly also a Muslim girl. After accumulating tens of thousands of views, viewers began noticing that one of the students removing the girl’s hijab and brushing through her hair appears to be wearing a loosely tied hijab herself.

One of the girls in the video can be seen wearing a yellow t-shirt with a long-sleeve white shirt underneath and a floor-length skirt as well as a scarf that appears to be draped around her neck and possibly over her head. Because this clothing combination is a staple among American Muslim girls, spectators have questioned whether this is yet another case of Islamic abuse directed at fellow Muslims or if the case is being sensationalized to blame a non-Muslim teacher.

Disturbingly yet expectedly, no other outlet has brought attention to these doubtful viewers’ claims. Of course, these claims have not been confirmed, but school officials are carrying out an investigation into the inflamed incident, which may prove to be yet another faked hate crime.

According to, the teacher, whose name has been withheld, was suspended on November 8 as the principal acknowledged that an investigation is taking place. The teacher has been placed on leave not because she is accused of removing the student’s hijab but because she reportedly uploaded the recording to her Snapchat with captions complementing the Muslim teen.

The video’s captions read “pretty hair” and “lol all that hair cover up,” suggesting that the teacher meant no disrespect and likely never knew that revealing the girl’s hair could be construed in a negative way.

Still, the teacher remains the sole scapegoat in the case, despite the fact that the video shows multiple students removing the hijab and playfully caressing the girl’s long, curly locks as one comments that “her hair was too pretty to be covered.” The incident conveys what could be considered a harmless misunderstanding and American teen girls doing what American teen girls do.

If anything, every non-Muslim involved should claim “cultural misunderstanding,” as Muslims who commit crimes often invoke. Of course, the Muslim community is blowing up the incident by equating it to physical harm and serious civil rights violations, arguing that the teacher should be reprimanded in accordance with Sharia law.

“As a female, and as a mother of three daughters, it should never be okay to rip off an article of clothing off of a female, period,” said Kasar Abdulla, who is the chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer for Valor Collegiate Academies.

“I highly encourage those faculty members in that particular school to take a crash course on why the hijab is so important to some of my students, and why my students cover up. It’s a symbol of who you are, and it’s a symbol of your faith, and it’s a symbol of your identity. So, it needs to be accepted and recognized,” Abdulla told News 4.

However, the “symbol” that Abdulla cleverly alleges is a symbol chosen by Muslim women to represent who they are is nothing more than a misogynistic compulsion required by the Quran. In fact, Allah commands Muslim men to order females to wear the head covering since he repeatedly states that men are superior to women and, therefore, in charge of them.

Quran (33:59) – O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

When Muslims are the minority, they paint Islam as a peaceful religion full of liberty and rich with love. Once they are the majority, they openly model the less peaceful lessons taught in the Quran and modeled by the prophet Muhammad. Constantly accusing non-Muslims of hatred and racism is merely one way of achieving their goal of stealthily establishing Sharia law while the infidels are distracted by their own alleged bigotry.

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