Muslims Erect Despicable “Pro-Trump” Billboards, Closer Look Reveals Sinister Truth


Muslims Erect Despicable "Pro-Trump" Billboards, Closer Look Reveals Sinister Truth
President Donald Trump (left), the billboard (right)

At first glance, new billboards popping up in Florida appear to be a promotion of President Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” However, upon taking a closer look, viewers notice the despicable intentions behind those erecting the signs and expose the sinister truth.

Although the billboard has been seen in other areas of the country in the past, it has recently made its way to the state of Florida. Originally erected by Muslim members of the Islamic Circle of North America, a volunteer-based organization that sponsored the “Pro-Trump” signs, the seemingly innocent billboard has left onlookers furious once they spot the truth.

The billboard clearly appears to be designed as a “knock-off” of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” However, the sign begins by reading, “Make AMERICA Great,” obviously seeking to gain the attention of both Trump supporters and haters. However, the billboard takes a quick turn. Upon closer inspection, the viewers can see what it’s truly meant to promote: so-called diversity and Islam.

Muslims Erect Despicable "Pro-Trump" Billboards, Closer Look Reveals Sinister Truth
The billboard

Beneath “Make America Great,” it says, “With love, compassion & mercy.” Then, at the very bottom of the billboard, it becomes clear that it’s a message from Muslims after exposing that the message was sponsored by

In fact, the signs have been placed as a response to Trump’s temporary travel ban on immigration from various Muslim-dominated countries that are known to breed terror. It is also believed that they were constructed to counter those things that Muslim fundamentalists have become infamous for: violence, intolerance, and killings.

There have been approximately 30 signs constructed across the entire United States as liberals welcome the Islamic religion with open arms. The signs are to remain up until June 24 – the final week of Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, according to Biz Pac Review.

When asked, members of The Islamic Circle of North America claim that the “idea behind the signs is to unite people of all different beliefs and dispel stereotypes through education,” according to Fox 13. “Let’s just get to know each other and see each other as human beings,” said Hassan Shibly, executive director of CAIR-Florida. “What makes America great is the fact that it brings people together from all over the world that share all different beliefs, political opinions and even religions. But through out diversity, that’s where we find our strength as Americans and that’s what makes America great.”

Shibly may be correct that America is great because of its diversity, but diversity isn’t something Islam encourages. Muslims have perpetrated violence on infidels across the globe, Americans included, as commanded by their Quran. It only makes sense for our president to try to avoid these threats and take the proper precautions necessary to keep American citizens safe.

If Muslims truly want to encourage diversity and love, they need to start by denouncing their own Quran. The Muslim “holy book” openly tells its believers to inflict harm on the infidel with over 100 verses demanding violence against non-believers. Whether liberals like to admit it or not, anyone who doesn’t believe in their ideology has already been marked as an infidel and a target for Muslim fundamentalists.

That’s exactly why these billboards are so threatening because too many people are ignoring the obvious and allowing the spread of Islam here in America, a religion that’s incompatible with our values and our Constitution. The goal of the “religion of peace” is to fight until all that remains is for Allah as Muslims bring about a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, where all are governed by Sharia law. Does that sound diverse to you? The last thing that Islam encourages is diversity.

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