Obama Heads To Asia Weeks After Trump, Undermines Him With Sick Demand For Muslims


Although former President Barack Obama has been rumored to be spending most of his time smoking weed after leaving the White House, it looks like he finally got up and off his butt. Unfortunately, just weeks after President Donald Trump’s historic trip, Obama decided to head to Asia in what appears to be an attempt to undermine Trump – and Obama issued a sick demand.

Obama Heads To Asia Weeks After Trump, Tries To Undermine Him With Sick Demand For Muslims
Barack Obama (left), Muslims (center), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: White House, Cahaya Maulidian/Wikimedia Commons, Flickr)

Mad World News previously reported on the fact that Obama recently went to Europe where he decided to bash America and President Trump in one fell swoop. Too bad for him, Matt Drudge exposed his actions as criminal since citizen Obama violated the Logan Act.

In the end, Obama essentially used his previous position of power to lobby foreign governments and world leaders to act against America and its government. Of course, you wouldn’t think that an American would do that, let alone the former leader of the entire country.

Despite that reality, it seems that Obama is so furious over his successor and the changes being made that he doesn’t mind willingly breaking the law in pursuit of his goals. Even worse yet, it looks like Europe wasn’t Obama’s first stop as he had also swung through Asia just weeks after Trump had done the same.

Although people were unsure if Trump’s agenda was enough to prompt Obama to get off his butt and stop getting high, it seems that the former leader thought an attempt to undermine what had just happened was worth it. In fact, he did just that in India but made it even worse by issuing a sick demand in favor of Muslims.

In short, Obama told the leaders of a foreign government that they must “cherish and nurture” their Muslim population. We already know the soft spot that Obama has for Muslims (seeing how was raised by Muslims and may even secretly be one himself), but this has even thrown residents in the south Asian country for a loop.

Replying to a question, Obama spoke of India’s “enormous Muslim population,” which is successful, integrated and thinks of itself as Indian. That is unfortunately not always the case in some other countries, Obama added.

Referring to India, he said, “And that is something that needs to be cherished and nurtured, cultivated. It’s important to continue reinforcing it.” To a separate question, he said [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi’s “impulse” was to recognize the importance of Indian unity. “I think he firmly believes the need for that in order to advance to the great nation status,” Obama said. [Source: Economic Times]

Muslims make up just 14% of India’s population, meaning that Obama has once again told a majority to make way for a minority, specifically members of the Islamic faith. As we’ve seen time and time again, no other religion gets such a response from Obama – especially not Christians.

Seeing how he was in India, you’d think he would talk to the Buddhist majority there, but once again, it all came down to what Muslims need and “deserve.” At the end of his speech, even natives from the country were left completely disgusted:

Barack Obama was lazy during his presidency, but this is beyond that — he’s not even trying to hide his bias anymore. Shockingly, you’d think it would be common sense not to insult the majority of a country in order to appease such a small minority.

It doesn’t matter what you think about Muslims, the fact of the matter is that when you move into a new country you have to assimilate. You don’t get to hold on to the 7th-century culture that caused you to fear for your life and flee your homeland. If you don’t want it anymore, then why would you think someone else would? The mentality there is beyond asinine.

Too bad for Obama, it looks like that’s exactly how people felt. Chalk this one up to yet another Obama failure. Maybe he should just leave the politics to the pros – everyone seems to like what Trump had to say better anyways.

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