Paulie Malignaggi Responds To Video Of Him Being DROPPED By Conor McGregor


A week after Paulie Malignaggi dramatically parted ways with the McGregor camp just days before the biggest bout of all time, we have some proof of what went down.

Malignaggi stated via Instagram that despite there being great mutual respect between Conor and himself in the ring, he had considerable disagreement with the way his training camp was run. So much so that he wished the team well and left them on their own after just 2 sparring sessions with the MMA champ.

Speaking with MMA oracle Ariel Helwani on the The MMA Hour last week, the former two-time champion said that he believes he was set up to fail by the McGregor camp but he ended up getting the better of the UFC lightweight champ.

“I land in Vegas and they tell me, ‘you’re going 12 [rounds] tomorrow’,” Malignaggi told Ariel Helwani. “Now, for people who aren’t familiar with a training camp, no one is ever expected to do 12 straight [rounds]. The fighter in camp does 12 straight, but when the fighter in camp does 12 straight, he alternates [sparring partners].

“Doing it like that you’re gaining two things; you have the sparring partners all at their best and, like I said, [the fighter in camp] gets uncomfortable – you have to be comfortable getting uncomfortable at times.

“By the time you get to the third [sparring partner], you’re tiring, you’re uncomfortable. And the [sparring partner] is fresh, he’s looking to beat the crap out of you, you know?”

Malignaggi stated that the infamous leaked photograph, in which he is on the canvas was a push that occurred towards the end of the fight, actually occurred during one of McGregor’s “worst moments”.

“The funny thing about the push down was this — it was during one of his worst moments,” Malignaggi said.

“He pushed me down on the floor to try and catch a break and the instant I went down I got back up. I remember when I was down I continued to trash talk. I said, ‘Buddy, you need a break?’ because Cortez had to wipe off my gloves.

“I started to take it to him right after that. I told him, ‘you don’t get no breaks here’, and I started to hit him with more body shots. I said, ‘take those, they don’t feel good’ and I could hear him whimper off the body shots, too.”

Since clips released by Dana White have been broadcast to the world via Instagram, Paulie Malignaggi has been on the defensive via Twitter to ensure his reputation and name are not tarnished.

This comes in the wake of the bitter fall out and the consequent feud between himself and the McGregor camp.

Boxing and MMA fans have been quick to digest, interpret and comment on the footage that shows Paulie go down during a sparring session between him and McGregor on a recent training camp in the lead up to the Mayweather fight at the end of the month.

Paulie had called for full footage of the 20 rounds over two sessions to be released for his reputation’s sake, but this was never going to happen as McGregor’s team own the rights. If this footage made it into the public domain it would obviously be open to analysis by the Mayweather camp.

Paulie has released a number of tweets in the last hour pointing out an “obvious” push down by McGregor. See how it’s unfolded here:

Concedes that Mc Gregor “disguised” the push down well:

The pair during their first sparring session…

Malignaggi points out what he believes to be a blatant drag down by the neck:

He goes on to point out that he has dragged into McGregor’s lead foot and tripped”:

He maintains that he’d love to see all 20 rounds over two sessions released:

By Round 12 he was pretty gassed:

He also said that the referee [Cortez] had called no knockdown, but it was edited out:

McGregor, sparring

It wouldn’t play to the narrative of the McGregor camp it the ref’s call was released:

He would admit it if he was knocked down:

Perhaps after the Mayweather fight, we’ll get the full footage:

If you missed the footage, check it out for yourself: