Racist School Official Berates Cop & Calls Chief “Skinhead,” Gets Rude Awakening


An entitled school official from New Jersey berated a police officer and called his police chief a “skinhead” during a traffic stop. However, she just got a rude awakening when she tried to play her race card. You won’t want to miss this.

Screenshot of live video (background), Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/New Jersey 101.5, Fox News via Facebook)

While many school board members in our country sincerely want to improve the education of America’s kids, one woman in South Orange, New Jersey actually tried to use her position to manipulate her way out of a speeding ticket before playing the race card. Now, it has all come back to bite her in the backside, and we could not be more eager to share it with you.

According to Blue Lives Matter, Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad was pulled over at approximately 8 a.m. on Friday, April 27, 2018, when Officer Shaun Horst noticed her exceeding the speed limit. Typically, this would have been a quick catch and release procedure after the officer completed writing a ticket, but Lawson-Muhammad was going to make sure that she made the cop’s job as hard as possible.

Fox News reports that Lawson-Muhammad who is a South Orange-Maplewood School Board member was pulled over for traveling 37 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. As Officer Horst approached the driver’s window, he said, “Hi, ma’am.” Immediately, Lawson-Muhammad interrupted Officer Horst with a diversion tactic.

“Can I just let her out to walk to school?” she said, referring to her daughter, who was in the vehicle. Then, Lawson-Muhammad tried to manipulate the officer by exercising her civic privilege. “My name is Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad, I’m on the school board, I’m a community member of this town. I’m sorry if I was speeding,” she told Officer Horst.

Calmly, Officer Horst confirmed her assertion, responding, “Yes, you were speeding. That’s why I’m stopping you.” After Lawson-Muhammad noticed that her attempt to sway Officer Horst with her school board member status failed, she denied doing the very thing she had just suggested.

“I didn’t realize that I was speeding,” she said. “I’m very sorry.” Next, Officer Horst asked Lawson-Muhammad for her license and registration. This is when the entitled school board member resorted to making crying sounds and asked if her daughter could exit the vehicle and walk to school.

Again, Officer Horst responded kindly. “Sure, that’s no problem.” Lawson-Muhammad was quickly descending into panic mode and continued to look for reasons to avoid getting a speeding ticket. It really is pathetic to watch as Lawson-Muhammad wastes Officer Horst’s time with her shenanigans when she could have just accepted the consequences of her actions.

“And then my other daughter has to get to school, and she’s gonna be late,” Lawson-Muhammad added to her list of reasons for Officer Horst to let her go without a ticket. Although the officer assured her that he would get her on her way as soon as possible, Lawson-Muhammad continued to whine and played her race card.

“And I’m scared of cops because you guys hurt black people,” she cried. This is when Officer Horst asked her if she wanted him to call an ambulance for her. “No, I don’t want you to call me an ambulance!” she retorted angrily. “That’s an insult!”

Officer Horst told Lawson-Muhammad that he asked about calling an ambulance because he was worried she might be having a panic attack. The hysterical school board member responded, “I don’t want you to call me an ambulance.” Officer Horst again asked for Lawson-Muhammad’s driving and vehicle information. “That was a f*****g insult,” Lawson-Muhammad said angrily.

Lawson-Muhammad then told her daughter to walk to school before asking Officer Horst to notify the school staff that her child would be late. “No, I cannot,” Officer Horst said. After she could not find her paperwork, Lawson-Muhammad received a citation for not having valid proof of insurance and speeding. Then, she tried to make Officer Horst aware of the fact that she had a personal connection to South Orange Village President Sheena Collum.

“For me to go to court?” she asked him. “Now you want me to go to court? I don’t want to go to court.”

Officer Horst explained that he was unable to void the ticket he had just written for her. Lawson-Muhammad then said, “Then I’ll call Sheena. And your skinhead cop chief, too.” What a malicious attempt to provoke the officer.

Eventually, Lawson-Muhammad was let go with the citations that Officer Horst had written for her. On Wednesday, May 15, 2018, the entitled school board member got a rude awakening after South Orange-Maplewood School District (SOMA) Black Parents Workshop Chairman Walter Fields issued a letter to Board of Education President Elizabeth Baker and admonished Lawson-Muhammad’s “appalling” behavior during the traffic stop.

“When viewing the video, it is clear that Board Member Lawson-Muhammad attempted to exercise her civic privilege during a routine traffic stop,” Fields stated in the letter. “The officer should be commended for his professionalism, demeanor and the respect he showed a citizen who immediately attempted to use her position to intimidate him,” Fields added. ”There are real incidents of police misconduct,” Fields noted. “This was not one of them.”

In addition, Fields called for Lawson-Muhammad to resign from her position on the school board. In my opinion, Lawson-Muhammad should resign immediately for her behavior. If she will not resign, then the school board should hold a vote to force her out. Officer Horst accepted every insult and disparaging remark Lawson-Muhammad made, and in return, she should accept the consequences. The sooner Lawson-Muhammad can be replaced, the better.

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