She-Thug Tries To Steal Elderly Woman’s Cane, Gets Brutal Surprise


A shocking video has surfaced on social media of a she-thug who thought it would be a good idea to steal a woman’s cane. Now, the clip has gone viral after the demon-hag got a brutal surprise that she wasn’t expecting.

Screenshots from the video (insets, left, middle, right) (Photo Credits: YouTube: TM)

In the clip, which was uploaded to YouTube, two women can be seen walking in the middle of the street. Apparently, they had a disagreement over who owned a pack of cigarettes before one woman decides to try stealing the other woman’s cane. The relationship between the two women is unknown, but what is for certain was that neither of them wanted to back down when it came to their smokes.

Some people believe that familiarity breeds resentment and that definitely seems to apply in this situation. A simple act of kindness could have prevented what happened after the two women started arguing, but after one she-thug decided to try grabbing the cigarettes, it was on like donkey kong.

The argument between the two women was captured by a man who was recording the fight on his cell phone. The man can be heard laughing hysterically as the two combat-ready women go at each other. One of the women who is wearing a black jacket and blue pants is seen carrying a cane in the video. She doesn’t waste any time turning it into a weapon when the other woman tries taking her cigarettes.

The woman with the cane can be heard screaming, “Go sit down, Sue, go sit down!” The other woman responds, “We’ll see if I sit down.” At first, the woman in the green jacket, seemingly named Sue, walks away, but then, she approaches the other woman again. Sue screams more profanity at the other woman as she walks back over to her from across the street. The woman in the blue pants yells, “Leave me alone would you?” to which Sue just responded that she was “ready to go,” which apparently means she was ready to get down and dirty right there in the middle of the street.

Sue then makes her demand of the other woman. “Two cigarettes b*tch,” she says. The other woman clarifies her demand and responds, “You want my cigarettes, and then, you’ll go?” Sue replies, “Yes.” The woman in blue pants simply says, “Then, you’ll be here a while.” Seriously? The whole thing is like a slow train wreck that you can’t turn away from as Sue reaches for the other woman’s cane and yells, “I want that cane.” So, not only are they now fighting over two cigarettes but now the cane as well.

Sue takes a number of blows from the woman with the cane as she continues to try to steal it from her. She probably didn’t expect the other woman to fight back and definitely was on the losing end of the fight. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that Sue probably has a substance abuse problem and may be homeless or, at least, it appears that way in the video clip, which is full of colorful language.

This kind of behavior is just simply disgraceful. It’s disheartening to see that two people could get into a physical altercation over cigarettes. It’s very apparent from watching the clip that there is tremendous lack of respect and self-respect.

One man can be seen finally intervening, rather than using their degenerate behavior as a form of entertainment like the guy recording, and getting between the two women, although rather unsuccessfully. The guy who filmed the fight could have helped, but instead, he just stood there, recording and laughing while the two women went at it in the street. Hopefully, the woman in blue pants chooses better company in the future. Sue looks a little on the wild side.

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