Special Forces Badass Breaks Cover, Runs Through Sniper Fire After Seeing What’s On Road


Special Forces Badass Breaks Cover, Runs Through Sniper Fire After Seeing What’s In Road
David Eubank with Special Forces soldiers

An incredible video is circulating on social media after a Special Forces operator was seen ducking behind a tank in order to avoid being shot by a distant sniper. However, things take a drastic turn as the certifiable badass breaks cover and runs out in the open – and it was only after he saw what was on the road.

The incident took place in the northern Iraq city of Mosul as military forces continue to force ISIS out of the area. As one would imagine, it’s not an easy job, which is exactly why Special Forces groups have been brought in to help where it is needed.

Come to find out, the clip centers around David Eubank, a former US Special Forces operator-turned aid worker. Being in the area to deliver medicine, supplies, and humanitarian support where other organizations cannot go, his most recent feat was a bit more bold than usual.

As seen in the video, he and his group were pinned down by distant sniper fire, prompting the men to seek refuge behind an armored tank. However, when Eubank saw what was on the road, he knew it wasn’t just about getting out of there at that point.

According to BizPac Review, the group was horrified to see the dead bodies of dozens of civilians cut down by Islamic State snipers as they tried to flee the fighting – but that’s not all. As it turns out, there was a scared little girl lying among the corpses who was in desperate need of help if she wanted to make it out alive.

Eubank knew it was up to them to do the right thing and quickly devised a plan. The resulting next few moments are the reason that the incredible video has since gone viral.

“Then the Americans dropped the biggest barrage, the most perfect wall of smoke I’d ever seen,” Eubank said.

His team was yards away from the girl, and there still “was shooting everywhere.” But it was now or never.

“I thought, ‘If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand.’” [Source: Los Angeles Times]

Luckily, that wasn’t the case as Eubank was able to dart into the open, pick up the girl, and run safely back into cover with the two of them completely unharmed.

The clip shows exactly why the brave men and women who serve in our military deserve our utmost respect. It takes a special kind of person to put their life on the line for someone else. When you risk not coming back to your own family in order to save a defenseless child, well, that’s certainly going above and beyond.

One simple glance at this footage shows exactly who the good guys are in all this. On one side, you have savages mercilessly gunning down innocent people as they try to flee from violence, and on the other, you have someone running through gunfire to help save those same people who are being ruthlessly killed by the ISIS barbarians. It’s time the world comes together to wipe this filth from the planet once and for all – and with extreme prejudice, ensuring it never return.

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