Syrian Refugee Rapists Severely Beat Hero For Saving Girl, Police Have Sickening Response


Syrian Refugee Rapists Severely Beat Hero For Saving Girl, Police Have 1 Sickening Response
After being severely beaten for saving a girl from Syrian migrants, a young man received an even more disturbing response from the police. (Photo credit: Screenshots/YouTube)

When a young man spotted a group of asylum seekers groping and harassing a girl, he immediately stepped in and courageously saved the female victim. However, despite being severely beaten and hospitalized with a head injury, the local police had an unbelievably disgusting response to his heroic act.

Thanks to Western guilt and progressivism, Muslims are a protected minority that is allowed to perpetrate violence and bigotry without fear of justice. By simply accusing their victims of racism and “Islamophobia,” Muslims have effectively barred even the authorities from properly investigating or charging suspected criminals. Disturbingly, this fear of virtue signaling has crippled not only the non-Muslim majority but has obstructed our justice system from enforcing the law of the land, subsequently allowing Sharia law to run rampant.

Noticing that a young woman was being sexually harassed by a group of potential refugee rapists in Eindhoven, a brave Dutch man felt he had no choice but to try to rescue her from the Syrian asylum seekers. Despite knowing that he was vastly outnumbered and overpowered, the unidentified hero confronted the migrant gropers and warned them not to touch the terrified woman. What ensued was an awesome and terrifying display of morality.

According to local Dutch news outlet Lijst Pim Fortuyn, the unnamed girl was reportedly being abused by a group of Syrian Muslim asylum seekers in Henri Dunant Park when the young man stepped in and stopped them, turning their ravenous appetites on himself. The valiant hero was filmed taking on around a dozen migrants, unleashing several good blows before being devastatingly stricken in the head with a bicycle pump in the severely lop-sided fight which occurred on June 1.

Although he boldly gets to his feet shortly after having bicycles and blunt objects hurled at him, the young man suffered a head injury and was rushed to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. Still, the most disturbing aspect of the ordeal is that despite the fact that the man filed a report and that authorities know the identities of the Syrian migrants, Woensel police have refused to make any arrests or charges and will not give any explanation, The Old Continent reports.

“A group of Syrians assaulted a young man with fists, bicycle pumps and bicycles, who told them not to harass a girl,” the report states. “One victim, multiple assailants. The victim was in such a bad state that he had to be admitted to hospital. Up until this day, he is suffering the consequences. And despite the fact that it is now ten weeks ago, that the names [of the suspects] are known, no arrests have yet been made.”

Hoping to pressure police to act, the LPF Group has taken on the case and is demanding that the perpetrators be formally charged.

A week later, his parents, together with the abused boy, reported to the police station in Woensel. To date, 10 weeks after the incident, no one has been arrested despite knowing the names of perpetrators. That is one of the reasons that the parents have decided to inform the LPF Group about this. The record of this incident is in our possession.

The young man claims to suffer from migraines since the incident. He has reportedly undergone brain scans to diagnose his injuries but appears to be awaiting results.

The LPF Group confirmed that Henri Dunant Park is a hotbed for migrant crime, including physical and sexual assault. Still, police are too afraid of accusations of bigotry to do anything about the growing issue. Slowly, the park is becoming a no-go zone in which Sharia law is enforced against non-Muslims, especially females.

Unfortunately, the Netherlands is not alone in kowtowing to political correctness. On August 10, Daily Mail published an interview with former British MP Ann Cryer, proving that local and federal authorities are suffering censorship concerning Muslim migrant criminals.

“Some on the Left still refuse to accept that these are culturally rooted crimes, while key religious and secular leaders in British-Asian communities are slow to come forward to condemn the men involved,” Cryer states. “No doubt I will be called racist for even daring to point this out. It is nothing new.”

Europe is suffering from their own leftism and political correctness, allowing a violent and oppressive culture and religion to rule through terror, despite the fact that these invaders are still a small percentage. If the people do not begin resisting this political correctness and blatant submission, they will soon be totally incapable as a minority themselves.

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