Team Mayweather Interested In MMA Fight With CM Punk


The unlikely saga of Floyd “Money” Mayweather and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor just keeps on getting weirder by the day it seems.

After hinting with a number of posts on social media that he may make the move into mixed martial arts to rematch McGregor, Mayweather has stirred up a whirlwind of intrigue regarding his next step forward in the world of combat sports.

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While a fight with McGregor would be the most likely target given the amount of money the two managed to rake in with their boxing super fight back in late August of 2017, there are certainly other options on the table for the ageing pugilist to consider. McGregor and Mayweather’s boxing bout saw the two earning hundreds of millions of dollars each, despite it being McGregor’s first professional boxing appearance.

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Mayweather’s uncle, Jeff Mayweather, has now added fuel to the flames of rumours circulating that Mayweather could indeed fight someone else in the octagon before he takes on McGregor in his first mixed martial arts bout ever.

“I don’t know who that is, but we might actually whoop his ass first,” Jeff Mayweather said in an interview last week with Bloody Elbow.

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Jeff Mayweather believes that his nephew could certainly put on a show in the octagon if he is able to implement his world famous footwork.

“It’s about no f*cking shoulder roll,” said Mayweather. “It’s about Floyd using his legs, being smart. If Floyd gets kicked or elbowed or gets kneed, anything like that, of course, the chances are he’s gonna lose.”

“If Floyd uses his legs – and I’m talking about to f*cking dance around [and move], ain’t no f*cking running around,” he said. “This is part of boxing, [and] MMA fighters do it too. But they can’t do it as well as him, and that’s the difference.

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“As long as he does that, he gives himself a chance. He gives himself a chance because he keeps it within striking distance. But if Floyd gets taken down, the fight’s gonna be over.”

Who do you think Mayweather would take on in his first professional mixed martial arts fight? Could it be his rival Conor McGregor, or a new opponent with a big name, such as the likes of CM Punk?

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