Team Trump Drops Truth Bomb On Adam Schiff & His Response Memo


After Devin Nunes and House Intelligence Committee Republicans devastated the deep state with their FISA abuse memo, Adam Schiff tried to release a response. Now, team Trump just dropped a brutal truth bomb and revealed why they won’t release it.

President Donald Trump (left), Adam Schiff (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/The Tonight Show/Fox News)

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) tried desperately to make President Donald Trump look bad by sending him a response memo full of sources and methods that he knew could not be released. According to Daily Caller, the White House has now come out with an official statement on the matter, and you don’t want to miss it.

The classified memo created by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee was denied for release by President Donald Trump due to the fact that it revealed too much about sources and methods, White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said during a segment of Fox News Monday.

“This Democratic memo does not keep American lives safe, it reveals serious national security information that could quite frankly put our lives at risk and the president is not going to do that,” Gidley said during his statement.

Adam Schiff’s memo was created in response to the Republican’s FISA abuse memo which exposed a wide array of abuse of FISA authority by top officials within the Department of Justice and the FBI. Schiff and his liberal colleagues insisted that their memo is released to add key context to the document released by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) and other Republicans on the committee.

The memo released by Nunes and his staff found that the Department of Justice and the FBI failed to disclose the political origins of the dirty dossier, which was put together by ex-British spy Christopher Steele and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. The FISA warrants obtained by the FBI were done so for the purpose of spying on Donald Trump and his campaign staff in order to set up a political ambush, which we have watched play out in the news over the last year.

Furthermore, the FISA warrants obtained by the FBI would not have been granted by the court if it had not been for their intentional deception. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe admitted during the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation that the warrants would not have granted without the fraudulent dossier.

The bottom line here is that the Democrats joined forces with deep state players who did not want to see Donald Trump become our president. They worked in unison with Christopher Steele and other operatives from Hillary Clinton’s camp and foreign governments. At the helm of the conspiracy sat none other than former President Barack Obama who knew that he could not afford to have Trump reveal the mountain of corruption which had taken place during his time in office.

Democrats such as Adam Schiff know that everything is on the line. They have already been implicated in the biggest scandal in U.S. history, and that is something voters are going to remember when it comes time to send someone new to Washington, D.C.

The relentless attacks on active Republicans such as Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) have only gotten worse in recent days. Even former CIA Director John Brennan has come out and launched nasty attacks on Nunes, accusing him of abusing his power as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for political gain. Of course, Brennan has a lot to lose if his own dirty deeds are revealed in regards to the dossier.

What most people haven’t seen up until now is that liberals and the deep state often work hand-in-hand to prevent any true opposition from gaining ground. That all changed when President Donald Trump took office, and it’s about to get much worse for the conspirators.

It’s only a matter of time until the full truth comes out and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is forced to resign or do his job and send the guilty parties to prison. In the meantime, thank God for President Trump’s good judgment in not allowing Democrats to release their propagandized memo and put American lives at risk.

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