The Next Rampage Jackson Knocks His Opponent Out With Two Heavy Slams


Back in the early 2000’s, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson amassed a huge following while competing in the Pride Fighting Championships
in Japan.

Besides his larger than life personality, one of the things that fans loved most about the man from Memphis was the way that he could actually knock his opponents out by slamming them into the canvas.

Jackson had a difficult early childhood with a drug-addicted father and he began selling drugs from a young age. He was also involved in plenty of street fights but he had his first experience with combat sports as a wrestler at high school where he eventually earned All-State honours in his senior year.

After high school, Jackson wrestled at Lassen Community College in California but was expelled after getting into a fight with a teammate.

Rampage quickly became a fan favourite for his slams…

This led to him discovering and falling in love with mixed martial arts. Jackson eventually moved to Las Vegas and trained with BAMMA fighter Lewis Rumble.

After fighting for a variety of smaller scale American promotions and amassing a record of 10-1, Japan’s Pride organisation came calling in 2001 and the rest is history.

Jackson was active in Pride from 2001-2006 and amassed a record of 12-5 but it was his slam knockout victories over Masaaki Satake and Ricardo Arona that he will be most remembered for.

That cannot be good for you

Now, a video has emerged of streetfight and people are calling one of the fighters ‘The New Rampage’ after he knocked his adversary out with a couple of heavy slams.

The first one is more of a judo toss but he lands on the dude with his full body weight which clearly knocks the wind out of him. Then he follows that up with a Rampage slam from Nam and KO’s the poor sod. This is absolutely epic.

Jackson’s 18-year career has been on the wane of late (which is understandable – he is 38 after all). Luckily, the next Rampage has been discovered…

Yeah, nah…


The Next Rampage Jackson Scores Another Vicious Body Slam Knockout!