Thieving Thug Tries To Steal Road Bike, Doesn’t See Who’s Behind Him Until Too Late


Screenshot of video footage from attempted robbery (Photo Credit: YouTube/One n Only)

Shocking footage of a thieving thug, who thought it would be a good idea to steal an expensive road bike that he saw leaning up against the wall of a bike shop unattended, is rocketing across social media. Little did this punk know, he was in for a brutal surprise when he took off on the “unattended” bike. He didn’t see who was behind him until way too late.

According to The Sun, two thieves were filmed by surveillance cameras riding their bikes past a bicycle shop where one of them noticed a very expensive carbon frame road bike leaning up against the wall without a lock on it. The viral footage then shows one suspect dump his crappy bike on the ground and make a run for the unattended, nicer bike.

As he puts his feet on the pedals and attempts to ride away with the bike, the fed-up owner of the nice set of wheels comes barreling out of the bike shop and delivers some brutal street justice. Now, viewers can watch as the thug learns a lesson that he’ll never forget.

The owner of the expensive bike is one of the mechanics at the bike shop called 360 Cycles in Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland, where the footage was recorded the weekend of August 4, 2017. And, as can be seen, it only took 17 seconds from the time the bike was left against the wall for the thief to notice it and attempt to make off with it.

According to Crave Online, 360 Cycles had posted the video to their social media page, warning other cyclists about how it only takes a few seconds for a bike to be stolen. In this case, the owner of the bike saw what was happening and immediately launched a brutal rugby style attack on the would-be thief as he tried to ride away on his bike.

The thief is then seen crashing to the pavement under the full weight of the bike’s owner. When the two men get up on their feet, it’s time for a little thug beat down. The bike mechanic can be seen going after the thief and even appears to land a couple of punches before the second thug rides his bike back over to help his bruised buddy.

After the two thugs start their retreat, the bike owner is seen in the video rushing back over to his now damaged road bike, keeping cars from running it over in the street. The road bike reportedly had over $200.00 in damage done to it during the attempted robbery.

All too often, criminals get away with this kind of thieving behavior. This time, thanks to his good observations skills and “ready-aim-fire” attitude, the bike owner was able to dish out some brutal justice to the punk, and rightfully so.

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