Thug Tennessee Football Player Takes Cheap Shot At Coach, Gets Nasty Surprise From School


A shocking video has emerged out of Tennessee, where a thug football player knocked one of his coaches out on the sideline during a game. Now, the violent punk is regretting his criminal behavior after the game ended and he got a nasty surprise from the university.

Screenshot from the footage of the TSU football game (left), Latrelle Lee (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/RSH Productions, TSU Athletics)

According to Fox News, the shocking incident took place on Saturday, November 11, 2017, during a game between Tennessee State University and Southeast Missouri State University. The footage captured and uploaded to social media shows 22-year-old Latrelle Lee, a senior at Tennessee who plays defensive-end, punch T.J. Greenstone, his strength and conditioning coach, multiple times in the head before knocking him down. This nasty behavior isn’t tolerated as Lee soon learned after the game was over.

Lee, who is a criminal justice major, had only two starts this entire season as a senior, but that’s the least of his worries now that he’s been expelled. I wonder what the look on his face was when the officials from Tennessee State University told him that he was no longer a student at their school Saturday night. How on earth did this thug think he was going to get away with assaulting a coach?

Has the thug mentality of self-entitlement gone so far that punks like Lee think they can just punch someone without consequences? Lee’s expulsion will hurt his future in the working world more than anything else. It wasn’t as if he had a future kneeling for the national anthem in the NFL.

Head coach Rod Reed dismissed Lee from the sidelines immediately following the attack. In my opinion, Lee should have been taken into custody and charged with assault. However, no charges have been filed against the former football player as of yet.

In a statement regarding the assault, Tennessee State University Athletic Director Teresa Phillips said, “We, of course, do not condone any act of violence within our department and are very disturbed by the action of one of our students. We are committed to supporting the coach who was personally affected and our concern now is with him.”

The school made the right move by expelling Lee for his thug behavior. But sadly, it’s probably only a matter of time before the mainstream media attacks the victim with character defamation or accusations of racism.

Greenstone has worked for Tennessee State University as the coordinator of strength and conditioning since August 2016 after spending two years as the assistant coordinator. He played defensive tackle at Vanderbilt from 2007 to 2011. During the game, Greenstone was tasked with keeping players back from the sidelines to avoid penalties.

Perhaps Lee took issue with the coach for doing his job. However, no motive has been released at this point for Lee’s disgusting assault on his coach. Lee’s less than impressive college football career consisted of two game appearances this season and six last season.

So far, the incident hasn’t received a great deal of coverage by the mainstream media. Had this been a white player knocking out a black coach, you can bet this would have made all of the major headlines as a hate crime. All the liberal hand-wringers would have been calling for an arrest and Black Lives Matter crowd would have protested on campus.

Although Lee has been expelled from TSU, there are probably a dozen or so liberal colleges who would be happy to help him finish his criminal justice degree. However, it will be interesting to see Lee try to get a job with any of our government law enforcement agencies after this.

Despite being a lowlife thug, I think Lee has given Americans great insight into a very important issue in our country. Every year, many guys just like Lee are drafted into the NFL. They have the same disregard for authority and a colossal sense of self-entitlement. How else can you explain the embarrassing situation with the national anthem protests? It was only a matter of time until enough “Latrelle Lees’” made it into the league before it happened. It sure does make you long for the good old days, where guys who were lucky enough to play a game for a living were grateful to the country which gave them that opportunity.

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