Thugs Post Video Of Their Fridge, Police Involved After Sickened Viewers See What’s Inside


Thugs Post Video Of Their Fridge, Police Involved After Sickened Viewers See What’s Inside
Images from video shot in Massachusetts (Photo Credit: Screengrab from YouTube)

A few Massachusetts punks recently decided to post what they thought was a “funny” video to social media. Too bad for them, things backfired spectacularly when they showed off their refrigerator – and now, the police are involved after horrified viewers were left sickened to see what was inside.

The incident began over SnapChat when a few girls in Danvers were bored and looking to have some fun. Sadly, that would come at the expense of someone else – but it would be the ghetto girls who paid for it in the long run. As seen in the video, the girls were apparently babysitting a small baby who was apparently a bit too much for them to handle. However, rather than do the responsible thing and inform the child’s mother, they opted for a sickening solution.

According to CBS Boston, viewers of the clip were left horrified to see the two she-thugs pick the crying child up and place the infant in the refrigerator. In an apparent attempt to muffle the baby’s cries, the two then closed the door, leaving the baby in the cold, dark space for an unknown period of time.

The situation was only made worse as the degenerates choose to not only record it but share it on social media for the world to see. After what one can only hope was a brief period of time, the two babysitters started the camera again; this time, capturing them taking the baby out of the refrigerator.

As one would imagine, the infant could be heard screaming as it lies helpless inside. Although the girls eventually pulled the child out, things were far from over. The two thugs were instantly met with a large amount of backlash over the sickening footage, prompting them to record yet another video showing that the baby was “ok.”

Unfortunately for them, their attempted resolution was too little too late as the police had already been notified. Come to find out, the mother had left her 8-month-old baby in the care of her 15-year-old niece and her niece’s 14-year-old friend while she went to take a shower. However, nothing would prepare her for what she would later learn had happened in her short absence.

“I didn’t understand why they would do that. I didn’t know, and they didn’t tell me. I was very angry,” the baby’s mother said after watching the videos. “I was just traumatized by it. My eyes were bulging out of my face.” However, Crime Online also notes that she did learn her lesson as she went on to add, “I will no longer be leaving my children with my niece or her friends again ever in my life.”

Since then, the two punks have been arrested and officially charged with child endangerment and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Although the mother states that her niece simply thought this was a joke and is really a “good girl” who wouldn’t “hurt a fly,” it’s clear that not everyone feels the same way.

Fortunately, it looks like the courts are going to throw the book at these two delinquents, and I personally think some jail time is in order here. After all, it only seems fair considering they forced another human being into a tiny, cold, uncomfortable area without their consent. My guess is, they’ll be crying just like that little baby was when the shoe is on the other foot.

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