Trump Set To Fire Mueller After Former NSA Agents Send Shocking Message


Former National Security Administration agents have sent a secret report to President Donald Trump on Robert Mueller. They are part of a group called “VIPS,” and they are true patriots who are out to expose the “Deep State.” Fearing for their lives, they have come forward to warn the president and the American people after what they uncovered about Mueller’s investigation. Trump was shocked and is set to fire him, except there is one problem you need to know.

President Donald Trump (left), Robert Mueller (right) (Photo Credit: Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Everything in Robert Mueller’s investigation on President Trump hinges on one event, the hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Mueller is trying to prove that Russia “hacked” into the DNC and flooded the internet with damaging stories against Hillary Clinton. They allege the Trump campaign was in cahoots with Russian actors making up fake news about Hillary.

But, what if it was proven that the hacking happened at the DNC and Hillary’s campaign latched on to the whole Russia narrative to discredit Trump? That’s what former NSA and CIA agents are alleging based on their in-depth study of the evidence. These intel professionals, who were pioneers in the programs and security applications used at the DNC, say the whole investigation is a fraud.

Their investigation is not in layman terms, but it’s explained this way. There is no evidence to suggest anyone outside the US government hacked into the DNC. In fact, the transfer of DNC documents in the hack left digital fingerprints to suggest it happened at the DNC and was sent to a thumb drive inside the US. If Russians were involved, there would be certain digital fingerprints, and they just aren’t there.

There’s more to their report, but inside the White House, reports were that Trump got so hot he was ready to call up Mueller and “fire his ass on the spot.” Adam Carter, who keeps a low key website informing the intel agents of recent developments, just reported:

“There are good reasons these VIPS members are not backing down. Not only do they have all the information that’s been brought to light over the last 9 months by independent researchers, they also have direct experience of working in intelligence agencies and [Bill] Binney, alone, knows all about the NSA’s capabilities because he played a fundamental role in developing the NSA’s data-gathering operations.” [Source: Adam Carter]

The Gateway Pundit reported that someone within the White House squashed Trump’s instinct to fire Mueller, saying, “Mike Allen reports, ‘Trump associates tell me Trump mused about firing Mueller. But now, one associate said, the damage would be as horrendous as firing the Pope.‘”

Wow, as bad as firing the Pope? Patriots across the country will be out celebrating Mueller’s demise, not to mention the tax dollars we will be saving on his stupid legal team made up of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama attorneys. Former Clinton aide Dick Morris sees this and discussed this with The Gateway Pundit a few days ago.  Morris said the CIA is running a coup d’état against President Trump as if tanks were rolling up Pennsylvania Avenue.

The FBI and DOJ under former President Barack Obama were transformed into corrupt organizations. How else could Obama get away with so much crime, corruption, and lies? The corrupt individuals leading these formerly proud institutions must be removed and brought to justice. Anyone with an open mind knows Mueller’s investigation is one huge witch hunt. Former disgruntled FBI Director James Comey, Mueller’s best buddy, orchestrated the whole thing, and it’s time to put an end to it.

We know many still surrounding Trump in the White House leak information and don’t have his best interest at heart. They argue firing Mueller will make Trump look like a dictator, I say so what. Those who will be calling him a dictator and a Nazi already do, while those who know he is innocent of these concocted charges will stand by his side. Mueller is a smart man and is a danger if left unchecked. He will find anything and make it appear as if Trump must be impeached. It’s time to stand up against these swamp rats and send Mueller packing. He and Comey can comfort each other, living out their retirement as bitter men, while we go forward with Trump’s agenda, making America great again.

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