U.S. Army Officer Confesses 1 Normal Activity That He Is Terrified To Do, Patriots Are Livid


This weekend, we observed Veterans Day, a time to remember and thank the many Americans who serve our country. We wouldn’t have our freedoms without the tireless work and sacrifices of our Armed Forces. For generations, they’ve defended this land from tyranny, aggression, and terrorism. However, one Army officer has made a stunning confession, admitting he’s afraid to do one thing, and it’s leaving patriotic Americans livid.

In light of recent events, one Army Officer made a stunning confession (Photo Credit: Keith Allison on Flickr/cantfightthetendies of Flickr/Arctic Warrior on Flickr)

Once upon a time, it was expected that every America, young or old, respect and honor our men and women in uniform. Days like Memorial Day and Veterans Day were created so we all could stop and remember them. To serve the United States in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard was one of the highest honors. Those who served during times of war deserve special recognition.

But, times have changed. The left-wing media, spurred on my radical liberals in politics, have all but denigrated the Armed Forces. Liberals have painted our brave soldiers as jack-booted thugs. They are often portrayed in movies and television as faceless, horrifying enemies. Add to that the disrespect so many have shown and continue to show our Flag and National Anthem, and you’d think millions of Americans hated everything our country stands for.

It’s gotten so bad that the men who serve in the Army are asking hard questions about their duty. In an article for Fox News, Army Officer Jeremy Hunt, even admitted to being afraid of wearing his uniform in public.

The more we normalize disrespect to the national anthem, applaud pledge of allegiance protests, and entertain discussions about how democratic ideals are somehow inherently flawed – the easier it will be to disrespect the people who are sworn to protect those ideals…

In our polarized country, everything is potential political fodder. Sports, entertainment, holidays, national tragedies – things that once unified us – are now sources of division.

Military service is still one of the few things in our society that both sides of the political spectrum can agree is worthy of respect. Supporting the armed forces is about the last inch of common ground left in America. But how much longer until that ground is under siege by those that who seek to divide us? [Source: Fox News]

His concerns may come as a shock to our patriotic readers, but given what we’ve seen through this year, they’re valid. Throughout 2017, we’ve seen ugly displays of hatred in our country. Antifa and similar hate groups attack Americans standing up for Free Speech. They’ve rioted in protest of the election, burned college campuses and universities, and beaten innocent bystanders.

Then, we have the ridiculous protests of the Nation Anthem during NFL games. While many, many Americans are disgusted by such displays, the liberal media — and those running the league — encourage it. We can’t forget how Hollywood uses its platform to attack our President and conservatives, either, or the riots towards historic monuments, including ones of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Hunt, in his article, seems to be looking into the future to a time when these radical leftists will even attack men and women who serve in uniform. If they attack our Flag, National Anthem, historical monuments, and citizens, then the next logical step is to attack servicemen who appear in public in their uniforms.

It’s not that far-fetched, considering the disrespect and ostracizing Vietnam vets experienced when coming home from war.

Amazingly, one in five Americans in their 20s view Soviet dictator Josef Stalin as a hero, while over 25 percent thought highly of his predecessor Vladimir Lenin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. And an appalling 40 percent believe in restricting some First Amendment freedoms…

More and more citizens fail to understand the importance of democracy and thus can’t see value in patriotism. That leaves them more susceptible than ever to false narratives about what it means to be an American. And even worse, such narratives could easily lead them to more radical forms of protest. [Source: Fox News]

There are numerous occasions where servicemen and women go about in uniform but are defenseless. Anyone who lives near a military base of any kind knows that seeing a man or woman in uniform — on their way to work or on a lunch break — is a common occurrence. How long before a few men in fatigues — unarmed on a break — are assaulted by hateful and ignorant protesters? These are people who dedicated their lives to serving our country, being attacked for no other reason than the hatred of leftists.

Hunt’s solution should be taken seriously by every patriotic American.

Concerned Americans – Democrats, Republicans and everyone else – should work together to educate our fellow citizens and reverse the flow of ignorant ideas that continue to gain momentum. As Thomas Jefferson cautioned us: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” [Source: Fox News]

We need to share our respect and admiration for our Armed Forces whenever we can. Show our neighbors, coworkers, and friends how important it is to honor those brave men and women, and teach our children to do the same.

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